Panoramic view of the beach of Cape Busto, or Del Cabo - in Asturias, Spain

Although Cape Busto is a very well know and popular place in Asturias (and in Spain), very few people actually know the name of all the beaches surrounding it even though there is a coastal trail that links all of them (the PR-AS4 trail). Maybe that happens because a lot of these beaches and coves […]

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  •  in Castrillón, Asturias

    Panoramic view of La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain

    I must say this is a beach that you might never be able to get close to and I am not sure I advise you to. I even removed it from our beach app AsturPlaya because I do not want you to look for it on purpose, especially since in the app I cannot stress […]

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  •  in Castropol, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the Penarronda beach in Asturias, Spain

    You will find this beach under two names: Penarronda or Peñarronda, both referring to the river that flows here into the sea (the Peñarronda river) and the impressive pierced rock that you can see in the middle of the beach (with low tide, it’s in the water with high tide). The rock, as many others […]

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  •  in Tapia de Casariego, Asturias

    Western side of the Santa Gadea or Ribeiria beach in Tapia de Casariego

    I’m going to name this one Santa Gadea in the title but you should know that you might find it under two other names: Ribeiría (you will see this name on some indicators) or Pantorga (the name of the islets to the West). I won’t use the name Ribeiría because in Tapia there is another […]

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  •  in Castropol, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the Arnao beach in Castropol, Asturias

    This Arnao beach is the one in Castropol, the most western municipality of Asturias. There is another Arnao beach in the municipality of Castrillón, right in the center, so it’s impossible to mistake one for another. This Arnao is rather far away from the villages of Figueras and Castropol but it’s considered a semi-urban beach […]

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  •  in Gozón, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the La Fuentina cove in Asturias, Spain

    Finding La Fuentina cove is a bit complicated but not too much, it only involves parking the car a bit further away and walking a few hundred meters but that’s something quite common in this part of Gozón actually. La Fuentina can play tricks on you. If you happen to be near the cove and […]

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  •  in Gozón, Asturias

    La Ribera beach in Luanco, Asturias

    Everybody knows the beach of La Ribera in Luanco, but very few know its name. Why is that? Maybe because there is no signpost nearby informing the tourists about its name, maybe because there is a more popular one nearby called Santa Marina beach, maybe… who knows? La Ribera beach is really easy to find […]

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