Barro beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain

Barro is a beach on the coast of Llanes that has all the facilities of an urban beach. This attractive white sandy beach lies between two islets that protect it from the open sea. With high tide it joins with the beach of Sorraos (to the East, after passing the islet of Ramón) and Xiglú […]

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  •  in Castrillón, Asturias

    Requexinos beach in Castrillon

    This is a prolongation of the Quebrantos beach, being separated from it by the river Ranón which also serves as a boundary between the municipalities of Soto del Barco and Castrillon. Together with Quebrantos, Sablón and Requexinos form an extended sandy area almost 3.5 km long. It might not seem long at high tide, but […]

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  •  in Cudillero, Asturias

    Peña Doria beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

    The beach of Doria (or Peña Doria), together with the beach of La Cueva, are the sandy beaches most popular with holidaymakers in the village of Oviñana. They also look like twin sisters, or so they do for me. The Vidio lighthouse, the cliff-lined coast and the vicinity of Oviñana complete the attractions of this […]

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  •  in Colunga, Asturias

    Lastres beach and the village up on the cliffs

    The beach of Lastres is also known as the l’Estilleru beach due to it being a place where fishing boats were built during centuries. From Rodiles to Lastres the coastline runs straight and steep, its cliffs surpassing 100 meters in height, being composed of sandstones, limestone and marls. Lastres is the main urban center of […]

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  •  in Caravia, Asturias

    Beciella beach in Asturias, Spain

    A beach of sand and rocks to the East of a more famous one called La Espasa, Beciella beach is accessible by foot only following a short path that starts from La Espasa parking. Actually this trail is part of a coastal footpath called Camín Real which starts at La Espasa and ends at the […]

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  •  in Llanes, Asturias

    Palombina beach in Asturias, Spain. Panoramic view.

    Palombina is one of the (few) urban beaches of Celorio, awarded in 2015 (and in the past) with the Blue Flag eco-label for the quality of its services, water and environmental policy. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding regarding Palombina beach because on some maps different portions of it have different names and all join […]

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  •  in Soto del Barco, Asturias

    Quebrantos beach - panoramic view of the only beach in Soto del Barco, Asturias, Spain

    This vast sandy beach, together with Sablón and Requexinos (2 neighboring beaches in the municipality of Castrillón) form a single unit at low tide about 3.5 km long. It’s a product of the contributions of the sandy river Nalón which flows into the sea at its Western margin. The reason why this beach has its […]

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