Xivares beach in Carreño, Asturias

Xivares beach, Carreño, Asturias

5 December, 2014

Although in all official maps this is THE Xivares beach (only one) locals will always name them “The First of Xivares” and “The Second of Xivares” (this one also known as Peña María beach) because they join with low loooow tide only. With high tide you can definitely see there are two of them, each with its own beauty.

Seen from above, both Xivares beaches like this:

Xivares and Penamaria beaches seen from above

Together they form a 800 meters long sandy area divided by small headlands – if you were to stay right in the middle of them facing the sea you would see The First of Xivares to your left and the Second of Xivares (Peña María beach) to your right.

First of the Xivares beachesSecond of the Xivares beaches

Some extra info about the Xivares beach

Both of them are accessible for people with motor disabilities, the problem is getting to the second one. You will need to follow a trail that goes over the small hill and that might be a challenge.

The Xivares beaches seen from AboñoBoth of them have showers and a tiny picnic area, the first of Xivares having a bigger picnic area right where the parking is.

They have toilets, a restaurant and a bar (at Xivares 1), they share the lifeguard (but the Red Cross booth is at Xivares 1). They are a good surfing and fishing spot and I have seen people practicing other water sports too so feel free to try.

Peña María beach is considered a nudist beach but not exclusively.

You can get to Peña María following a footpath which is part of a bigger trail path called Senda Norte (The Northern footpath – linking all the beaches of Asturias). This shorter segment of the trail starts at Xivares 1 and ends where the Aboño beach starts – more precisely on the Aboño headland.

Along the way you will find small viewpoints and benches – looking back you will see both Xivares beaches. To the right you will find the Aboño beach.

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Video: Xivares beaches in Asturias

A few words about the Aboño beach

You will find this beach right at the Eastern end of the footpath but you’ll notice we did not add it to our app Asturplaya nor you will find it on the official maps.
Abono beach in Asturias
Some consider Aboño beach as part of Xivares, some don’t. With high tide it is definitely a beach in itself.

The trouble is that it’s quite close to the Aboño thermal power station – a source of constant pollution for the surrounding areas.

The place smells bad and looks depressing which is too bad for the beach cause the surroundings look like heaven and the Xivares beaches like the place you wanna spend your vacation.

Video: Aboño beach in Asturias

from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

Weather forecast at Xivares


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