Panoramic view of the Xagó beach

Xagó beach, Gozón, Asturias

12 December, 2014

Seeing Xagó beach you will have the impression you have seen it before and it’s very familiar but let me tell you why: it looks quite similar to a few others in Asturias, like Playón de Bayas and Salinas beach in Castrillón or Otur beach in Valdés.
Sand dunes at the Xagó beach in Asturias, Spain
They are all extended sandy beaches surrounded by dunes and vegetation. You probably saw surfers riding the waves at all of them.

Even though Xagó beach might seem familiar, you will love it and it will surprise you nonetheless.

Xagó is a truly extended beach (1.5 km long), very easy to find and also quite popular, especially during the summer weekends.

You can get here either from Avilés (Xagó being really close to the Avilés estuary) or from Luanco taking the AS-238 road.

There is plenty of space to park your car, the beach has plenty of amenities (I believe you have to pay to shower and go to the toilet though) and benefits from a lifeguard service during the summer months only – being so big it has 2 lifeguard towers, one for each side of the beach.

There is a beach bar right at the beach that is also a restaurant (I believe) but there is also a bar a bit further away, right where the first parkings are, in the eucalyptus forest.
Sand dunes at the Xagó beach in Asturias, Spain

Xagó, being a semiurban beach so close to Avilés means you will have bars, restaurants, shops and hotels about 5 minutes away, so don’t panic!

If you like to surf, Xagó is one of the best beaches for surfing in Asturias, with plenty of surf schools around to help you learn or improve.

Not to mention that Xagó is also a good fishing spot, you probably realized already that most beaches in Asturias are good for fishing, some of them perfect for underwater fishing too.

If you want to make sure you found Xagó or would like to discover the beaches around you make sure you download our beach guide with all the beaches of Asturias: Asturplaya.

Weather at the Xagó beach


Video: Xagó beach

Xagó beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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