Viodo / Arnielles beach in Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Viodo beach, Gozón, Asturias

12 December, 2014

This beach has two names: Viodo because it’s located near the village of Viodo in Gozón and also is called Arnielles or Los Bolos (The Boulders) for the obvious reason of having boulders and sand.
Eastern side of the Viodo beach in Asturias, Spain
Viodo beach is rather mysterious to me because I saw it twice and it changed a bit.

First of all because it’s not only one beach it’s rather one beach and one cove. Or two beaches that change their composition depending on how difficult the winter was.

So when I saw it in 2012 I was able to access both its sides (one with pebbles, one with sand – see the image to the left) but again in 2014 the Western side was not having a visible trail in the spring but did have one in late summer (locals probably clean the shrubbery in the summer).

The Eastern one was easy to get to but the sand was almost gone and replaced by boulders and gravel.

The trails to both these beaches get cleaned in the summer and might be really difficult to get to them outside high season, since they are mostly used by locals and do not show up on official maps nor you’ll find indicators on the road pointing you to them.

Western side of the Viodo beach in Asturias, Spain

If the locals don’t clean the trail, the beaches are completely secluded so bear this in mind if you visit Asturias outside high season.

If you do, the Eastern beach is accessible with low low tide from a neighboring one called El Puentín de Viodo, near the Llumeres beach. with high tide it almost disappears and only a small surface with boulders remains visible.

Being secluded these beaches do not have amenities nor lifeguard service but are a good place for fishing if you’re into this.

You can get to Viodo by foot only but you can get close by car. You can leave your car in the village of Viodo or outside, closer to the beach, since right on the cliffs separating these 2 halves there is a little space for about 8-10 cars.

The picture to the right shows you the Western cove and was taken in the winter of 2012.

If you need extra help finding Viodo / Arnielles beach make sure you download our beach app Asturplaya, it will guide you to all the beaches of Gozón and Asturias.

View of the coastline around Viodo beach

Well, it’s common in Asturias to go to one beach and find more, so here is a picture of the coastline there. From left to right (East to West) you can see: the beach of Llumeres, Puertín de Viodo (after the wall) and Viodo / Arnielles beach (far right).

Llumeres, Puertin de Viodo and Arnielles beaches

Weather at the Viodo / Arnielles beach, Asturias


Video: Viodo beach in Gozón

Viodo beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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