Panoramic view of the Verdicio beach in Asturias, Spain

Verdicio beach, Gozón, Asturias

2 April, 2015

Easy to find and very popular especially in high season, Verdicio (also known as Tenrero beach) is a beach for the entire family, even if its strong waves require a bit of caution. You can get here either from West (Avilés) or East (Luanco), following the indicators pointing towards the small village of Verdicio.

Western Side of the Verdicio beach in Asturias, SpainAnother reference is Cape Peñas, one of the most popular capes and lighthouses in Asturias – Verdicio is located West of Cape Peñas, the lighthouse being quite visible from the beach itself. That if you wish to get here by car.

By bike is also possible if you happen to have the accommodation close by – there are lots of beautiful villages nearby where most certainly you’ll find good prices.

A third option, and my favorite, is by foot. You can leave your car as far as you feel comfortable and take the coastal footpath that links the lighthouse of Cape Peñas and the one of San Juan de Nieva.

Along the way you will have the chance to see more and less known beaches, the most popular being one very similar to Verdicio (but more extended) called Xagó beach. But don’t worry, download our beach app Asturplaya and you won’t get lost 🙂

From the San Juan de Nieva lighthouse you have a spectacular view over the Espartal Shell, a beach whose Eastern side is called San Juan de Nieva beach and whose Western side is called Salinas beach. In reality it’s just one big baby, really.

Verdicio beach with Cape Peñas in the background

Verdicio beach seen from the access road to Carniciega beach in Asturias, Spain

Although in the images Verdicio seems rather small, it is 330 meters long and more or less 80 meters wide. It varies a lot with the tide, the waves being really angry here sometimes. Or so the surrounding dunes say. And the surfers 🙂

The dunes around Verdicio, just like the ones at Xagó and further away (they continue till Salinas) are protected even if you couldn’t tell. Although in San Juan de Nieva you will walk on a wooden path that’s suspended just to protect the dunes, I did not see anything similar here and, as far as I could see, the dunes really need it. They are constantly washed away by the sea and, towards East, by the Tenrero stream itself.

Look at them!
Unique Sand dunes surrounding Verdicio beach in Asturias, Spain

I mentioned the stream. It’s called Tenrero and meets the sea towards the Eastern side of the beach (see the left image below). This area is pretty full of rocks, especially in the spring because here winters bring plenty of storms that wash away the sand. The extremities could not be more different. Eastern is rocky, Western is full of fine sand.

Eastern Side of the Verdicio beach in Asturias, SpainWestern Side of the Verdicio beach in Asturias, Spain

What else can I say about Verdicio?
Western Side of the Verdicio beach in Asturias, Spain
Well, since it’s so popular its rather nonexistent parking gets extended in the summer, all the meadows around being open for the visitors to park on.

You can park on the cliffs and you can also have a picnic there if you find patches where cars didn’t get to.

There’s a beach bar and a restaurant open in the summer with toilets, a lifeguard service and showers.

The beach is perfect for surf and for fishing so come prepared. There’s even a surf school at this beach, called Baluverxa Surf School – check our surf page for more info about surf spots and surf schools in Asturias.

You should also know that Verdicio has a “twin sister” called Carniciega beach towards West, after you cross a small peninsula called El Fornón.

This place is perfect to admire both Carniciega and Verdicio, sisters that join with low tide and are linked by a string of sharp rocks. El Fornón is also a good place to have a picnic, nobody will bother you there outside high season 🙂

Did I forget to tell you more secrets? Just let me know, I love Verdicio beach and I could talk about it forever!

Horses at the Verdicio beach in Asturias, Spain

Weather at the Verdicio beach


Video: Verdicio beach, Asturias

Verdicio beach, the surfers' heaven in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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