Panoramic view of Vega seen from Berbes, Ribadesella

Vega & Berbes beach, Ribadesella, Asturias

27 November, 2014

Vega is the first extended beach belonging to the municipality of Ribadesella (coming from West) and one of the most popular of Asturias.
Vega beach in Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
It has been declared a Natural Monument because of its great botanical interest and dunes – it’s interesting cause it also contains the remains of dinosaurs footprints at its Eastern end… or so they say, I haven’t seen them like I have seen at the beach of La Griega – there they are indeed visible!

The beauty of the beach of Vega is that you can sit on the beach in the spring and see the mountains with snow while you enjoy the sun! Its surroundings are splendid and the beach (although divided by the river Vega) is really big compared with most Asturian beaches. Which also means crowded during the summer months. 馃檨

It has all the amenities you need, a big parking (sometimes it gets even bigger with paid parking places), a lot of beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a glass of wine, and also a camping.

Vega beach (and its Berbes “extension”) is also a good spot for fishing and surfing – just be careful cause you cannot do this during summer months in the areas used for swimming.

Some extra info about Vega

Vega is an accessible beach of sand and pebbles, around 1440m long and 78m wide and quite windy. It’s also used by naturists so consider yourself warned 馃檪 It has all the amenities you might need and it’s semi-urban – you will find accommodation and restaurants galore in the villages nearby, not to mention it’s really close to the city of Ribadesella which is a must see if you are nearby.

Berbes beach

Vega beach seen from Berbes, in Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
When searching for the Vega beach a lot of blog posts will tell you it has 2 names: Vega or Berbes. It’s not entirely true, Berbes and Vega being 2 neighboring villages in the municipality of Ribadesella.

So Vega beach is the most extended one but Berbes is the rocky area that is located at the end of Vega, towards West – and it corresponds to the Berbes village location.

It’s a rocky place that extends well towards Berbes and disappears with high tide. Geologists love this place because these rocks are hiding inside colorful minerals that can also be observed with the naked eye (we found fluorite here!)

What will forever remain in your memory is the view of Vega from the cliffs of Berbes (something similar to the image to the right) – a breathtaking view!

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Weather near the beach of Vega


Video: Vega beach

Vega beach in Ribadesella, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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