Panoramic view of the Tourán beach in Asturias, Spain

Tourán beach, Valdés, Asturias

20 December, 2014

Tourán beach, also known locally as Taurán, is a secluded beach really close to the popular fishing village of Luarca. It happens that this area around Luarca is hiding a lot of impressive beaches, most of them little known and not so popular compared to the urban ones (like 1st and 2nd of Luarca or Salinas).

Around these, towards East, you will find the beach of Las Arreas (right where the church is), then Enguilo beach and then one of my favorite beaches: Portizuelo.

Towards West you will find Taurán, then Otur and Barayo – after this one a new municipality begins, called Navia.
Tauran beach near Luarca, Asturias
So, you see, with so many beaches around, many of them with amenities and parking, no wonder that Taurán passes unnoticed by the tourists. Locals know it and enjoy is as their secret spot (some are fishing here) but tourists hardly know it exists, except the ones who happen to camp nearby, at the Taurán camping.

You can only get here by foot from the village of San Martín right outside Luarca (towards West). There’s an indicator towards the Taurán camping and if you follow that one and go past the camping into the woods and following the coastline you will reach the Tourán beach.

If you are afraid you might get lost, make sure you download our beach app Asturplaya, it will show you all the beaches and create routes for you to find them easily.

Once here you will find a rather small beach (100 meters wide) of boulders, gravel and little sand, surrounded by cliffs covered with trees and flowers. It reminds me of the Guadamía beach a little, both being flanked by cliffs in pretty much the same way.

This beach has no amenities and no lifeguard and it is mostly used by fishermen who built here some shacks to keep their tools and boats.

Weather at the Tourán beach


Video: Tourán beach in Luarca

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