Panoramic view of the Tayada beach in Llanes, Asturias

Tayada beach, Llanes, Asturias

15 July, 2016

There are no exclusively, 100% nudist beaches in Llanes or, as a matter of fact, in Asturias. All of them are mixed, some small, some large and everyone tans together happily. But Tayada (also known as La Atalaya beach) is special for a lot of reasons.
Tayada beach in Llanes ,AsturiasOne being that Llanes is an attraction for tourists from all over the world so its beaches are really crowded in the summer months.

Another one is that Tayada is rather small if we compare to other nudist beaches, let’s say Peñarrubia beach or Serín beach.

All in all make Tayada a pretty crowded beach and so if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the beach with naturists you might want to consider choosing its neighbor, Troenzo 🙂

It also explains the lack of different-angle pictures in this blog and in our beach app Asturplaya 🙂 (which I encourage you to download and use in case you happen to be visiting Asturias).

Getting here is easy. Tayada is located West of the Borizo peninsula (on the maps is Punta Troenzo), between the villages of Barro and Celorio.

If you happen to stand on this tip you can admire the spectacular coastline of these 2 villages.

Towards West you can see Tayada, Troenzo (rather hidden) and Barro beach (the last one). Towards East you will see the extensive beach of Borizu and its famous Island of Arnielles.

Panoramic view of Tayada beach in Llanes, Asturias

Leave the car or bicycle near the many campings, hotels and bars & restaurants peppered along the LLN-9 road. There are plenty of places where you can park your car, the problem is that they are more than insufficient in the summer, especially during weekends. If you could replace the car with a bicycle or walk till here even better!

Search for the Playa de Troenzo camping and follow the road to its East – it will take you to the Troenzo beach where some stairs go up instead of down 🙂 They will leave room to a path that crosses a meadow that is (I guess) private property. Follow the footpath and you will discover Tayada, hidden behind high cliffs.

More technicalities about Tayada beach

Like many beaches in Llanes, Tayada is rather small (100 meters long or so), has fine golden-whitish sand and no amenities. It also shrinks significantly with high tide.

No beautiful stairs and lifeguards await you there 🙂 Nor showers or toilets, nothing. You are in the middle of a gorgeous landscape, wild cliffs and turquoise waters. The noise & chaos of the towns are really really far away. This is a place to forget, relax and be happy 🙂

Panoramic view of Tayada and Troenzo beaches in Llanes, Asturias

Weather in Celorio at the beach of Tayada


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