Beaches in Asturias having the blue flag eco-label

PalombinaLlanes, Asturias

Palombina beach in Asturias, Spain. Panoramic view.

Palombina is one of the (few) urban beaches of Celorio, awarded in 2015 (and in the past) with the Blue Flag eco-label for the quality of its services, water and environmental policy. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding regarding Palombina beach because on some maps different portions of it have different names and all join […]

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Los QuebrantosSoto del Barco, Asturias

Quebrantos beach - panoramic view of the only beach in Soto del Barco, Asturias, Spain

This vast sandy beach, together with Sablón and Requexinos (2 neighboring beaches in the municipality of Castrillón) form a single unit at low tide about 3.5 km long. It’s a product of the contributions of the sandy river Nalón which flows into the sea at its Western margin. The reason why this beach has its […]

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Salinas in LuarcaValdés, Asturias

Salinas beach in Luarca

Together with First & Second beaches of Luarca, Salinas ends a string of impressive beaches considered part of the village of Luarca, centre of the municipality of Valdés – other beaches in and around Luarca being Las Arreas beach, El Enguilo beach, Portizuelo among a few others pretty difficult to find. Salinas is a very […]

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Salinas – The EspartalCastrillón, Asturias

Salinas beach in the Espartal Shell

It’s the most visited beach on the Asturian coast – period. It joins San Juan de Nieva / El Espartal beach forming a 3km long beach known under the name of The Espartal Shell (La Concha de El Espartal) – well, it’s actually the same beach but since it’s divided between 2 towns (Salinas and […]

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ÑoraVillaviciosa, Asturias

Ñora beach , panoramic view

This beach is located between the municipality of Gijón and Villaviciosa but it’s so popular and easy to find that you won’t have problems getting there, indicators being found everywhere around it. You can arrive at Ñora either by car (follow the VV1 road from Quintuelles) or by foot, following a coastal trail that starts […]

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Luanco (Santa Marina de Luanco)Gozón, Asturias

Luanco- panoramic view of the beach

Santa Marina is an extended urban beach situated in the village of Luanco. It is a sandy beach (the sand has an interesting reddish color) with lots of amenities – an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Partly because Luanco is an extremely beautiful village (just like Ribadesella, Cudillero, Luarca or Lastres it […]

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OturValdés, Asturias

The beach of Otur in Asturias - panoramic view

This sandy beach surrounded by dunes is one of the 14 Asturian beaches awarded with the Blue Flag eco-label in 2015. Of great beauty and scenic value, Otur is almost 600m long and is bordered by two rivers which can only increase its charm. Although I haven’t said anything spectacular about it, this is indeed […]

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