Beaches in Asturias that do not have a parking

TouránValdés, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Tourán beach in Asturias, Spain

Tourán beach, also known locally as Taurán, is a secluded beach really close to the popular fishing village of Luarca. It happens that this area around Luarca is hiding a lot of impressive beaches, most of them little known and not so popular compared to the urban ones (like 1st and 2nd of Luarca or […]

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SienraCudillero, Asturias

Sienra beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

It happens that Cudillero has a lot of spectacular beaches, most of them secluded and hard to “conquer”, and Sienra beach is no exception. I do not complain, at least we managed to see a trail going down and that is a major discovery considering that Sienra is surrounded by coves and beaches that are […]

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El BarcoCoaña, Asturias

El Barco beach in the Torbas Cove, in Asturias, Spain

El Barco is a beach that most maps do not show, mostly because it is part of the Torbas cove and thus considered to be the Western side of the Torbas beach. Here at Asturplaya we like to complicate things a little and empower small beaches to break free from the tyranny of the bigger […]

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La BarcaCastrillón, Asturias

Panoramic view of La Barca beach in Asturias, Spain

I must say this is a beach that you might never be able to get close to and I am not sure I advise you to. I even removed it from our beach app AsturPlaya because I do not want you to look for it on purpose, especially since in the app I cannot stress […]

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La FuentinaGozón, Asturias

Panoramic view of the La Fuentina cove in Asturias, Spain

Finding La Fuentina cove is a bit complicated but not too much, it only involves parking the car a bit further away and walking a few hundred meters but that’s something quite common in this part of Gozón actually. La Fuentina can play tricks on you. If you happen to be near the cove and […]

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ChouréuValdés, Asturias

Chouréu beach seen from Punta de La Osa in Asturias, Spain

Chouréu is one of the beaches that can be admired from the coastal footpath that surrounds Cape Busto – it’s called PR-AS4 trail and will take you to a lot of amazing beaches around the cape, most of them without descent. Why bother?, I hear you ask. Well, it depends. Since Asturias has hundreds of […]

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CalabónCudillero, Asturias

Calabón beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

With low tide you won’t see the limit between the Calabón beach and the Gueirúa beach in Cudillero. If you take a look at them in Google Maps you won’t see the difference either. But they are considered two beaches cause with high tide it’s difficult to get to Calabón from Gueirúa, reason why Calabón […]

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