Beaches in Asturias that have restaurants nearby

La RibeiríaTapia de Casariego, Asturias

Panoramic view of the La Ribeiría beach in Tapia de Casariego, Asturias, Spain

La Ribeiría beach is located to the north of the Anguileiro beach, being the last one belonging to the Tapia de Casariego urban cove. Walk down the Francisco González Villamil street until you reach its end and there you will find La Ribeiría, right where the sculpture representing 2 surf boards is. This street links […]

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La FuradaTapia de Casariego, Asturias

Panoramic view of the La Furada beach

Located north of the El Murallón beach in Tapia de Casariego, you can reach La Furada by walking down Francisco González Villamil street, a street that links all the beaches located in the heart of this town. Let me remind you some details about these beaches. So it happens we have the beautiful town of […]

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AguilarMuros de Nalón, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Aguilar beach in Muros de Nalón, Asturias, Spain

Aguilar is a beach that comes with a legend and that is not something very common in Asturias. It’s also a beach that comes with a lot of amenities but let’s start with the legend first. The legend says that long time ago there was an enchanted fairy living in a cave inside the Castiello […]

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El MurallónTapia de Casariego, Asturias

Panoramic view of the El Murallón beach in Tapia de Casariego

El Murallón beach is also known as the Maleguas beach because it’s located right at the end of the Maleguas street. The name Murallón refers to the old concrete wall that existed on this beach until not so long ago (in English Murallón means “Big Wall”), a trace of it still being visible in the […]

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Los MayanesGijón, Asturias

De Los Mayanes beach in Gijón, Asturias, Spain

If you find this Los Mayanes beach familiar even though you haven’t been here it’s because it’s very very similar to the Cervigón/El Rinconín beach . Yes? No? Los Mayanes beach is located right between the Cervigón beach and San Lorenzo beach in Gijón and has a little bit of both. Los Mayanes beach is […]

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CervigónGijón, Asturias

Cervigón beach in Gijón, Asturias

You might find Cervigón beach under 2 more names, if you find it at all! Although you will surely see it if you happen to visit Gijón, it does not show up on official maps even if it’s one of the important beaches of this municipality. It’s called Cervigón because it’s limited to the West […]

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Puertu Chicu & Las MujeresLlanes, Asturias

Puertu Chicu beach in Llanes, Asturias

Puertu Chicu beach is actually 2 beaches. Where in the maps there is one, locals see two and so do I! I never saw Puertu Chicu with really really low tide but I suspect these 2 do not join – but even if they do it’s funny to have two beaches in one 🙂 So […]

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