Beaches in Asturias with lifeguard in high season (daily or weekends only)

Salinas – The EspartalCastrillón, Asturias

Salinas beach in the Espartal Shell

It’s the most visited beach on the Asturian coast – period. It joins San Juan de Nieva / El Espartal beach forming a 3km long beach known under the name of The Espartal Shell (La Concha de El Espartal) – well, it’s actually the same beach but since it’s divided between 2 towns (Salinas and […]

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La IslaColunga, Asturias

La Isla beach in Colunga, Asturias - Western side

The beach of La Isla (The Island) takes its name from an islet to the West of the beach to which it is joined at low tide via an isthmus – the islet is called El Peñón and it’s so big you cannot miss it. Between the beaches of La Griega and La Isla there […]

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EspasaCaravia, Asturias

Espasa beach, panoramic view

There’s a lot to say about Espasa beach and even more to see and enjoy there. Where should I start from? It’s one of the most famous beaches of Caravia so it is easy to find, mostly because the national road N-632 was built right to its side. It has a huge parking with a […]

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TorbasCoaña, Asturias

Torbas, panoramic view

The beach of Torbas is really easy to find being just outside the village of Loza in Coaña. It’s a secluded beach hidden behind tall cliffs but 2 years ago new stairs were built and now the beach is again ready to receive visitors (I am writing this post in 2014). Torbas beach has a […]

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ÑoraVillaviciosa, Asturias

Ñora beach , panoramic view

This beach is located between the municipality of Gijón and Villaviciosa but it’s so popular and easy to find that you won’t have problems getting there, indicators being found everywhere around it. You can arrive at Ñora either by car (follow the VV1 road from Quintuelles) or by foot, following a coastal trail that starts […]

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Luanco (Santa Marina de Luanco)Gozón, Asturias

Luanco- panoramic view of the beach

Santa Marina is an extended urban beach situated in the village of Luanco. It is a sandy beach (the sand has an interesting reddish color) with lots of amenities – an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Partly because Luanco is an extremely beautiful village (just like Ribadesella, Cudillero, Luarca or Lastres it […]

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EspañaVillaviciosa, Asturias

Panoramic view of the beach España in Villaviciosa

España, like lots of beaches in Asturias, is divided by a river (also called España) which means it has, besides sand, lots of huge rocks carried by the river. Trivia: The fact that its name is identical to Spain’s name in Spanish (España) is a coincidence, its name derives from the Asturian language word for […]

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