Beaches in Asturias with a beach bar

Cuevas del MarLlanes, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Cuevas del Mar beach in Llanes

The name of the Cuevas del Mar beach can be translated as Sea Caves and you’ll understand why the minute you step on it. It’s quite a peculiar place (with high tide it’s actually 2 beaches) surrounded by high cliffs covered with shrubbery that shelter small caves. Cuevas del Mar is a sandy beach with […]

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PonienteGijón, Asturias

Poniente beach in Gijón, Asturias

Poniente beach has also a second name: Natahoyo and a story. And that’s because this beach was artificially created to improve an area known as El Fomento located by the shipyards that still exist in some extend nearby. That happened around 1994 and supposed a complete change of the neighborhood: the beach and the promenade […]

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CarranquesCarreño, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Carranques beach in Perlora, Asturias

This beach is one of the 4 beaches belonging to a resort called Perlora, a small town built especially for tourists in a really marvelous surrounding (The other beaches you will find in Perlora are: Huelgues, De Los Curas beach and Perán (technically this one does not belong to Perlora – long story). You can […]

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XivaresCarreño, Asturias

Xivares beach in Carreño, Asturias

Although in all official maps this is THE Xivares beach (only one) locals will always name them “The First of Xivares” and “The Second of Xivares” (this one also known as Peña María beach) because they join with low loooow tide only. With high tide you can definitely see there are two of them, each […]

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RodilesVillaviciosa, Asturias

Rodiles beach in Asturias, Spain seen from above

Rodiles, being an extended beach, deserves an extended post since you can visit Rodiles 10 times a year and see it completely changed each time. And, I believe, it’s not because the sea has changed, but because YOU did! Tourists love the beach of Rodiles for being special place and the beach with the most […]

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Barro and XiglúLlanes, Asturias

Barro beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain

Barro is a beach on the coast of Llanes that has all the facilities of an urban beach. This attractive white sandy beach lies between two islets that protect it from the open sea. With high tide it joins with the beach of Sorraos (to the East, after passing the islet of Ramón) and Xiglú […]

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PalombinaLlanes, Asturias

Palombina beach in Asturias, Spain. Panoramic view.

Palombina is one of the (few) urban beaches of Celorio, awarded in 2015 (and in the past) with the Blue Flag eco-label for the quality of its services, water and environmental policy. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding regarding Palombina beach because on some maps different portions of it have different names and all join […]

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