Beaches in Asturias that have sand

La PregonaCarreño, Asturias

Playa La Pregona in Asturias - Panoramic view

La Pregona is a small urban beach in the fishing port of Candás, near the beach of La Palmera, both of them quite crowded in high season. Actually there are 3 beaches here, all sharing the amenities (showers, toilets), the lifeguard and the parking – from West to East they are: La Pregona, La Palmera […]

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VallinaCudillero, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Vallina beach

Vallina is one of the “3 musketeers” that can be seen from Cape Vidio (the “musketeer” idea is mine, it is actually a pretty respectable beach). I say musketeers because these beaches are beautiful (the other 2 being Peñadoria and La Cueva), extensive and need a bit of trekking to get to but that’s not […]

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El PuntalVillaviciosa, Asturias

El Puntal beach - panoramic view

El Puntal is often ignored because it happens to be situated near one of the most popular and extended beaches in Asturias: Rodiles beach – they are separated by the Villaviciosa river, El Puntal being located at its West. It’s a rather small semi-urban beach (100-150 meters) surrounded by a wooden & cement promenade that […]

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GulpiyuriLlanes, Asturias

Gulpiyuri beach seen from the top of the cliffs

This one is a beauty and something people don’t see very often because Gulpiyuri is a 50 meters long (or better said round) inlet 100 meters away from the sea, the water arriving here after passing through a tunnel carved in the rock by the sea. This area is a natural monument and thus protected […]

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ArbeyalGijón, Asturias

Arbeyal beach in Asturias - panoramic view of the beach and of the city

Arbeyal is the most western beach in the municipality of Gijón, one of the 3 urban ones that are actually located in the city – the other 2 being the Poniente beach and the San Lorenzo beach. For me Arbeyal and the Poniente beach are quite similar except for the fact that Poniente is a […]

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MendíaRibadedeva, Asturias

The Mendía cove in Asturias seen from the Cebollera headland and the coastline of Ribadedeva with La Franca beach in the background

Under this name I will gather what locals believe that are at least 3 small beaches or coves. Since the official maps are confusing about this place and not all locals really know the names if each area in this really large cove I will present it to you as the Mendía or Bendía cove. […]

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Cuevas del MarLlanes, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Cuevas del Mar beach in Llanes

The name of the Cuevas del Mar beach can be translated as Sea Caves and you’ll understand why the minute you step on it. It’s quite a peculiar place (with high tide it’s actually 2 beaches) surrounded by high cliffs covered with shrubbery that shelter small caves. Cuevas del Mar is a sandy beach with […]

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