Beaches in Asturias that have pebbles

Dos Botes & El TesónCastropol, Asturias

Dos Botes beach and the Figuera marina in Castropol, Asturias, Spain

I will write about both beaches in the same post because Dos Botes beach and El Tesón island have similar fates and are also neighbors. The peculiarity is that these are not 2 beaches like others I “paired” before, Dos Botes is a rocky beach but El Tesón is actually a sand island. They both […]

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Del Cabo (Busto)Valdés, Asturias

Panoramic view of the beach of Cape Busto, or Del Cabo - in Asturias, Spain

Although Cape Busto is a very well know and popular place in Asturias (and in Spain), very few people actually know the name of all the beaches surrounding it even though there is a coastal trail that links all of them (the PR-AS4 trail). Maybe that happens because a lot of these beaches and coves […]

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ArnelaCastropol, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Arnela beach in Castropol, Asturias, Spain

If I tell you that Arnela is a beach hidden in the Eo estuary then you might know exactly where is that, since the Eo river is the natural limit between Asturias and Galicia. It might also sound familiar if you are a friend of this blog – we recently wrote about another beach inside […]

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RepresasTapia de Casariego, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Represas beach in Asturias, Spain

Represas is a semi-urban beach in the city of Tapia de Casariego – even so, it seems not quite so popular compared to the urban ones, especially Anguileiro beach, El Murallón or Porcía beach. Maybe because it’s not centric or because it’s a beach of pebbles and boulders (and almost no sand) it seems to […]

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L’AirínCudillero, Asturias

L'Airín beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

A mainly pebbly beach where the color of the sand has various beautiful shades, L’Airín is separated from the beach of Salencia by the islet of Fariñon. L’Airín beach is visited almost exclusively by the people of the village of Novellana because the descent is long, winding, tricky and slippery when wet. There is also […]

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CuevaValdés, Asturias

Cueva or La Arena beach seen from above - panoramic view

This wide beach of pebbles and sand, where the River Esva (also known as Canero) flows into, is part of the West Coast Protected Landscape Area. It’s limited on its Western side by the impressive stretch of quartz that is the Busto Cape and it’s located right in the village of Cueva. People also call […]

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ArraRibadesella, Asturias

Panoramic view of the Arra beach in Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain

Arra is the last beach in the municipality of Ribadesella, running along the bottom of windswept cliffs battered by the sea, in an area where sandy beaches are nonexistent. This beach shows up on all guides and maps, being promoted by the local tourism board. But really, REALLY finding it is almost impossible, for 2 […]

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