Sienra beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Sienra beach, Cudillero, Asturias

20 November, 2014

It happens that Cudillero has a lot of spectacular beaches, most of them secluded and hard to “conquer”, and Sienra beach is no exception.

I do not complain, at least we managed to see a trail going down and that is a major discovery considering that Sienra is surrounded by coves and beaches that are completely inaccessible.

Sienra beach in Cudillero ,Asturias, seen from above

To get close to most of them you will have to cross the meadows (private property), swim a sea of tall grass in the summer, get close to the edge of some dangerous cliffs and battle strong winds just to get a glimpse of them.

That if you are lucky and the high tide didn’t hide the entire beach 馃檪 But we did that and we loved it!

It was totally worth it and it allowed us to bring you the only app with (almost) all the beaches of Asturias – download AsturPlaya today and start planning your route!

The cliffs of this coastal stretch are around 80-100 meters high, making these beaches very difficult to access and reserved almost exclusively for fishermen – yep, I heard fish are aplenty here!

Finding Sienra

You can get to the Sienra beach from the village of Ballota, where you can leave the car and continue on foot (no parking neaby). It’s a beach with no services nor parking and with a pretty dangerous descent after the first 100 meters (I suspect it completely disappears in winter and locals or fishermen come back and clean it in the spring-summer).

Make sure you have proper boots if you decide to descend.

Weather forecast for Sienra beach in Cudillero


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