Santa Maria del Mar beach, Asturias

Santa María del Mar beach, Castrillón, Asturias

3 November, 2014

Santa María del Mar beach is one of those beaches who are beautiful even on a cloudy day. And I’m telling you this because I never saw it on a sunny day and I am starting to believe that it probably hates me! 🙂
Santa Maria del Mar beach in Asturias
It’s beautiful because the town of Santa María del Mar is a small resort with beautiful houses and lots of restaurants ready to offer you their best and its beach is an urban beach with all the amenities a tourist might need.

This is a cove located at the mouth of the river Ferrera in the town of the same name. Is crowded in high season due to the existence of campsites, restaurants, surf schools and bars in the vicinity and its position in the center of the town – our app AsturPlaya can take you there, download it now!

Santa Maria del Mar beach in Asturias, SpainIt’s a sandy beach with rocks scattered here and there but I have to warn you that the amount of rocks increased a lot this winter due to unusual torments washing the sand away from all Asturian beaches.

Some of them (few) are still looking like they used to, but there are some who have no sand left, only rocks. Santa María del Mar still has a lot of sand and there are hopes that the sea might return all the sand that was robbed during the torments.

After all, the sea stole it, the sea should return it! Or so they say..

Some extra info about the beach of Santa María del Mar

An urban beach with all the amenities you might need: showers, toilets, lots of restaurants and hotels nearby, a surf school, parking and lifeguard during high season. There’s a camping nearby and an extensive picnic area right in front of it. It’s a beach accessible to people with limited mobility and a good fishing and surfing spot.

Weather at Santa María del Mar beach


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