Western side of the Santa Gadea or Ribeiria beach in Tapia de Casariego

Santa Gadea beach, Tapia de Casariego, Asturias

10 December, 2014

I’m going to name this one Santa Gadea in the title but you should know that you might find it under two other names: Ribeiría (you will see this name on some indicators) or Pantorga (the name of the islets to the West).
Pantorga islets at the Ribeiria beach in Asturias
I won’t use the name Ribeiría because in Tapia there is another Ribeiría beach, pretty close to this one and also quite popular (if you are using our beach app AsturPlaya to get here you should be able to find this place searching for each of these 3 names).

Finding this beach is easy but you will have to get here on foot. The parking is not far away but you will have to walk 400-500 meters to the beach, which is not much especially since it’s a walk downhill.

Actually Santa Gadea shares the parking, together with a picnic area and a children playground with its more famous neighbor called Penarronda beach. The views from this place are breathtaking and you’ll love it, I’m sure!

At the beach you will only find a shower, it has no toilets and no lifeguard service in the summer months.

Even so, being so close to a beach with more amenities and a big parking makes Santa Gadea a popular beach and the perfect place to run away from the crowded neighbors.

Eastern side of the Santa Gadea beach in Asturias

The beach is quite extended (220 meters long) but with high tide the surface that still has dry sand gets considerably smaller closer to the cliffs where also lots of boulders and algae gather.

Even though the beach will not get special attention from authorities in the summer (nobody cleans it as far as I know) I like this place a lot.

I like the Pantorga islets at its Western side, the really fine sand and the cliffs that shelter it.

You can still see weird birds here cause it’s not crowded all the time, can still hear the waves and see boats getting close to the beach (fishing or not)

I love this beach, it’s a good place to run away and be alone outside high season and I recommend it to you especially if you love fishing or surfing (actually all the beaches in this area are very good for surfing and also for practicing underwater fishing)

Weather at Santa Gadea beach in Asturias


Video: Santa Gadea beach in Tapia de Casariego

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