The beach of San Román in Asturias - panoramic view

San Román beach, Castropol, Asturias

1 December, 2014

San Román is going to give you headaches at the beginning cause, although it’s considered an urban beach, is quite tricky to find by tourists (and the answer to your question is No, there are no signs to guide you…sorry).
San Roman beach in Figueras, Asturias, Spain

You can find San Roman hidden behind newly built villas on Avenida Gondán, east of the Figueras jetty, going down the narrow stairs barely visible between 2 of them.

At low tide you can get to the beach of Figueras from San Román if you walk towards West.

But once you get there…oh, what a cozy, beautiful place you will find!

It’s a rather small beach (we’ve been there at high tide), hidden between high cliffs and vegetation which makes it the perfect place to run away from everybody and everything – ok, maybe not runaway from everybody in the summer when all the people from Figueras will be there, but during spring and autumn you will find some peace there.

If you’re afraid you might miss it, make sure you download our beach app Asturplaya – it will show it on a map and create a route for you to get there.

From this beach you can see the city of Ribadeo, in the next province, Galicia.

Some more info about San Román beach

The beach is San Román is one of the last beaches belonging to Asturias if you follow the coastline, it’s 240 meters long and 20 meters wide. It has no parking but you can park the car in the huge parking near the Marina and walk a little towards North. It’s a beach suitable for surfing and fishing but it has no lifeguard service.

The village and Marina of Figueras in Asturias with El Tesón sand island in the backgroudTrekkers will also love this place because a segment of the E-9 coastal trail is starting from Castropol and ending in Figueras, linking though a lot of beaches along the way: you will be able to see Los Cobos beach, then Arnela beach and, if you want to stop in Figueras, you will see a hidden beach called Dos Botes in front of a sand island called El Tesón (pictured to the right), then San Román beach.

You might as well continue if you wish and see the other remaining 2: Arnao and Penarronda beach (this one being “shared” with the neighboring municipality of Tapia de Casariego).

Weather near the beach of San Román


Video: San Román beach in Castropol

The San Román beach in Castropol from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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