Panoramic view of San Balandran beach in Asturias, Spain

San Balandrán beach, Avilés, Asturias

28 September, 2015

San Balandrán is a very peculiar beach, for various reasons. One reason is that is belongs to the municipality of Avilés, an area where no official beaches show up on maps.

A second reason is that San Balandrán is located inside a cove inside a delta.

And a third reason is that, although it’s a beach of sand and silt, it’s not recommended to bathe in the waters of the delta due to pollution concerns. But there are lots of people fishing and you will see lots of shells in the sand, and you can still bathe in the sun so you won’t fell bored if you decide to spend an afternoon here.
San Balandran beach in Asturias, Spain

Why do I add San Balandrán here and in our beach guide AsturPlaya? Because it exists, it’s really big (around 200 meters long, depending on the tide) and it might receive a makeover in the near future, beach bar included.

Finding San Balandrán is really easy since it’s located right outside the city of Avilés, in a village called Zeluán.

You might find it on the map under the name of The Llodero Cove (Ensenada de Llodero) right between 2 really big and beautiful beaches.

Towards East you will find the Xagó beach while towards East you will find the Salinas and the San Juan de Nieva beaches, together forming what is called the Espartal Shell.

Once here you will find a beach of sand, silt, shells uncovered by the tide and a lot of rocks that are usually carried here like in all deltas.

There are no amenities at the beach and a very small parking just across the road. There might be a beach bar installed at this beach in the future, but open during high season only.

San Balandran beach in Asturias, Spain

Weather at San Balandrán beach


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