Panoramic view of the San Antolin beach in Llanes, Asturias

San Antolín beach, Llanes, Asturias

29 November, 2014

If you have already visted Gulpiyuri beach then you know there is a footpath that will easily take you to some (also) famous neighbors: to the East you will find La Huelga beach and La Canal beach and to the West the San Antolín beach.

San Antolin beach in Llanes, Spain
Since Gulpyiuri is pretty secluded and we advise you to not go there by car, why not continue the “Not by car” trend and take a short walk to San Antolín?

Why should you?

Cause you couldn’t find two neighbors more different than these 2: Gulpyiuri small – San Antolín really extended, Gulpyiuri no amenties – San Antolín some amenities, Gulpyiuri no parking – San Antolín lots of parking spots…

The Western side of San Antolín has more sand and the water seems warmer, especially near the peculiar pierced rock that will instantly draw your attention (called Punta de la Dehesa).

The Western side of San Antolin beach in Llanes, AsturiasThe Eastern side of San Antolin beach in Llanes, Asturias

The Eastern side has a bit more boulders brought here by the river that divides the beach – it is also possible that its most Eastern side is a nudist area. I am not sure so take this info with a pinch of salt till I find more about it.

San Antolin beach in Asturias, SpainSan Antolín is very easy to find, there is a national road and a highway passing nearby and also shows up on all official maps and apps that you might find.

It’s 1200 meters long and still manages to keep some sandy area with high tide so you can enjoy it all day round.

It has lots of parking places and, even so, it can get crowded during summer weekends.

It has some toilets but I believe they belong to the beach bar (btw, there are 2 beach bars there) but it has no showers.

San Antolín beach benefits from a lifeguard service in the summer and there are also 2 surf schools offering surf classes here.

I will stop here with my explanations hoping I made you wish to visit San Antolín and its surrounding beaches that you might discover if you just download our beach guide: AsturPlaya!

Weather forecast for San Antolín beach


Video: San Antolín beach in Llanes

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