Requexinos beach in Castrillon

Sablón & Requexinos beach, Castrillón, Asturias

3 November, 2014

This is a prolongation of the Quebrantos beach, being separated from it by the river Ranón which also serves as a boundary between the municipalities of Soto del Barco and Castrillon.
Playón de Bayas in Asturias, Spain
Together with Quebrantos, Sablón and Requexinos form an extended sandy area almost 3.5 km long. It might not seem long at high tide, but with low tide you cannot see where it starts and where it ends 🙂

Its Eastern side is called Requexinos beach, considered a nudist beach. Both are considered dangerous due to their strong waves so be careful when surfing and swimming here.

Playón de Bayas is, together with the nearby island of Deva and the surrounding sand dunes, considered a Protected Natural Monument, home to a lot of species of birds and lizards.

If you happen to stay in Asturias a little longer take your time and visit the entire coastline of Castrillón the bigger beaches are very similar (extensive, sandy) but once in a while a smaller one shows up completely surprising you.

You’ll be enchanted!

NB: In Asturias all major rocks around a beach have names and these ones to the far right (which you will see in front of Requexinos, see picture below) are called La Tortuga de Bayas = The Bayas Turtle 🙂

Extra info about Sablón and Requexinos

rocks in front of the Requexinos beach in Asturias, Spain
2800 meters looooooong beach of dark sand with a tiny tiny parking.

Unfortunately it’s well outside the village of Naveces so you can either get here by car or by bicycle (our beach app AsturPlaya can take you there, download it now and you won’t get lost!)

You can get here by foot too, from the neighboring beach Quebrantos following a footpath called Senda Norte or with low tide, crossing the rocks between them. Or so I heard.

It has some amenities (I saw showers) and lifeguard during the high season. I did not see anything else but I always saw this beach in the winter so maybe it will surprise you with some more amenities this summer.

It is a good surfing and fishing spot but be careful cause only the Requexinos area seems to have moderate waves, the rest of the beach is considered dangerous for swimming and surfing – I remind you that Requexinos is a nudist area though…

Weather at Playón de Bayas


Video: Sablón and Requexinos beach

Sablón and Requexinos in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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