Panoramic view of the Sablón beach in Llanes, Spain

Sablón beach, Llanes, Asturias

19 May, 2015

Sablón beach is one of the urban beaches of Llanes and the easiest to find because it’s right in the center of the town very visible from the promenade on the cliffs, called Paseo de San PedroSain Peter’s promenade.

Impossible to miss (because Llanes is full of signposts showing you how to get to its beaches and most important places), you’ll find this beach really crowded in the summer but almost empty in the winter, even on a sunny day.
Sablón beach in Llanes, Spain

Sablón is smaller than you might expect for an urban beach (100 meters long) and it has the typical shell shape of most of the beaches in this municipality.

With fine, golden sand, clean and with lost of amenities, Sablón is the perfect place to bathe in the sun during the day and walk on its promenade in the evening or night.

It’s surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and anything you might possibly want – Llanes is an important cultural, gastronomical and tourist centre in the Eastern Asturias so you will discover here a very active town with a rich nightlife but also plenty of things to do and see during the day.

Llanes, is actually a town “squeezed” between the ocean and the mountains – as you can see in the picture to the left, with the Sierra de Cuera mountains behind the beach 🙂

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Paseo de San Pedro

Under this name (meaning Saint Peter’s Promenade) you’ll discover a 1 kilometer long footpath on the cliffs surrounding the town of Llanes and the Sablón beach. You can get there from the beach, climbing some concrete stairs built just for that or from the city, the promenade being one of the attraction points of Llanes.

Paseo San Pedro seen from the Sablón beach

It’s not the typical promenade you might have seen. It’s more like a garden with grass, trees and benches here and there, closely following the cliffs and offering you a panoramic view of the coastline of Llanes and its lighthouse. A place to walk, to eat your sandwich in silence, to paint or simply stare at the ocean.

The best place to run away from the typically crowded Llanes.

Some extra info about El Sablón beach

Sablón beach in Llanes seen from San Pedro Promenade
Sablón is a safe, sandy beach. With calm waves and no hidden rocks, it’s a beach for the entire family so don’t be afraid to bring your children here, especially since it has all the amenities you might need.

It has showers, toilets, lifeguard, is surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops and hotels.

It is also surrounded by parkings and is accessible for people with limited mobility. In 2015 (and in the past) Sablón was awarded with the Blue Flag eco-label.

Weather in Llanes


Video: Sablón beach in Llanes

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