Rodiles beach in Asturias, Spain seen from above

Rodiles beach, Villaviciosa, Asturias

2 April, 2015

Rodiles, being an extended beach, deserves an extended post since you can visit Rodiles 10 times a year and see it completely changed each time. And, I believe, it’s not because the sea has changed, but because YOU did!

Rodiles beach seen from above

Tourists love the beach of Rodiles for being special place and the beach with the most amenities and services you might need.

In our beach app Asturplaya Rodiles is the beach with most “icons”, meaning it has really everything you might possibly need!

Eucalyptus forests and picnic areas at the Rodiles beachBut amenities aside, Rodiles has an immense value from other points of view too, being part of the Natural Reserve of the Villaviciosa Estuary, a place where you can observe and hear rare birds, enjoy a walk in the eucalyptus & pine forests or on the sand dunes around the beach and learn new things about geology due to the really weird cliffs that surround the beach and the estuary.

No matter how you look at it, you will love it!

Some extra info about Rodiles beach

1 kilometer long beach of fine sand and some photogenic rocks here and there 馃檪

It is surrounded by a small forest with wooden tables and benches for you to enjoy your picnic away from the sun and the heat. If you rather eat somewhere else, there is a bar/restaurant right where the forest ends and a lot more if you walk 200-500 meters in each direction.
the Western side of the Rodiles beach in Asturias, Spain
It has lifeguard service in high season, toilets, showers, a camping nearby and lots of parking places. Although you have to know that you will have to pay for parking at Rodiles in high season!

It is an accessible beach with a wooden platform built around it that will leave you exactly at the beach, after passing the sand dunes. It is also a beach that is constantly awarded with the Blue Flag eco label and I am sure it will win it in the future also.

What else can I say? It’s a good surfing spot, the estuary is a good fishing spot and you might constantly see here people (big and small) playing with kites on Sundays. Fascinating to see!

If you take your time to explore the beach and the estuary (which I strongly advice you with the best of intentions) you will discover plenty of beautiful corners and (Misiego, Bonome and El Puntal spring to mind), if you are in a good physical shape and are willing to surround the estuary, one or 3 beaches more! Cause Villaviciosa has plenty of beaches my friends!

Curious to discover more and on your own? No problem, let our beach app Asturplaya show you the way!

Weather at Rodiles beach


Video: Rodiles beach

Rodiles beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

Timelapse: Summer sunset at the Rodiles beach

Sunset at Rodiles beach in Asturias – timelapse summer of 2014 from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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