Panoramic view of the Represas beach in Asturias, Spain

Represas beach, Tapia de Casariego, Asturias

10 December, 2014

Represas is a semi-urban beach in the city of Tapia de Casariego – even so, it seems not quite so popular compared to the urban ones, especially Anguileiro beach, El Murallón or Porcía beach.
The Eastern side of the Represas beach in Asturias, Spain
Maybe because it’s not centric or because it’s a beach of pebbles and boulders (and almost no sand) it seems to be more a place for fishing, especially since it completely disappears with high tide.

Even so, I found it a really good place to hide from the crowd during the summer months and definitely a place to see if you happen to be in Tapia.

It’s easy to get here, you can do it by car or by foot from the city and there are stairs built so you won’t have any problems climbing down.

There are no amenities, nor lifeguard service and the parking is quite small so make sure you take this into account during high season.

My advice is to visit this place in the spring, the beach is empty and you can have it just for yourself even during weekends and you can also watch lots of birds coming here to feed.

It’s something that you can enjoy at all the beaches of Tapia de Casariego, like in no other place.

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The Eastern side of the Represas beach in Asturias, SpainRepresas beach in Asturias, Spain seen from its Eastern side

Weather forecast for Tapia de Casariego and the Represas beach


Video: Represas beach in Tapia de Casariego

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