Panoramic view of the Rebolleres beach in Candás, Asturias, Spain

Rebolleres beach, Carreño, Asturias

15 October, 2014

I remember telling you that Candás has more than 1, more than 2 and even more than 3 beaches but I am not so sure you believed me. So it’s time to present you another beach in Candás, called Rebolleres or Piñeres.

Rebolleres beach seen from above
This one could not be more different than the others, first of all because it’s a bit small and has almost no sand, just boulders and gravel.

Some people say Rebolleres beach is unlucky cause it constantly suffers from landslides that destroy the stairs people build to get there. Stairs that are much needed because Rebolleres is guarded by high cliffs of rocks and red … clay I think…

You won’t have any problems finding the Rebolleres beach, it’s right in the town of Candás, surrounded by a beautiful park with benches and wooden tables where you can enjoy an afternoon picnic.
stairs taking you to Rebolleres beach
Although is what might be called an urban beach, Rebolleres is quite unpopular, although being surrounded by blocks of flats, a school, a park and having very limited parking space.

You can leave your car somewhere else in Candás and just walk to the beach, but be careful where you step on the grass – let’s say that locals have the habit of walking their dogs in the park and you might step into something… 🙁

Once there you will see concrete stairs built on the cliff that suddenly stop right in the middle, a footpath taking their place right till where the beach starts.

The concrete stairs were built all the way down but a landslide a few years back washed them and locals built that path on their own. Better than nothing, I suppose.

The trail is OK in the summer but it will get slippery when wet so pay attention to it when climbing down.

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Some extra info about Rebolleres beach

Rebolleres is a rather small beach (120 meters long) of boulders, gravel, rocks and a little sand here and there.
Rebolleres beach in Asturias, Spain
It does not have a lifeguard in the summer, nor is it cleaned but it does have a shower (hope it still works after so many landslides) and a wooden platform built for whoever feels uncomfortable putting the towel on the rocks. Understandable.

Other than that, it has nothing else to offer besides a beautiful place to hide from the world and an awesome view of the sea – it is mostly enjoyed by locals so you might find it not so crowded.

Weather at Rebolleres/Piñeres beach


Video: Rebolleres beach in Asturias

Rebolleres beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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