Quebrantos beach - panoramic view of the only beach in Soto del Barco, Asturias, Spain

Los Quebrantos beach, Soto del Barco, Asturias

19 May, 2015

This vast sandy beach, together with Sablón and Requexinos (2 neighboring beaches in the municipality of Castrillón) form a single unit at low tide about 3.5 km long. It’s a product of the contributions of the sandy river Nalón which flows into the sea at its Western margin.

The reason why this beach has its own name and is considered a different one is that it belongs to a different municipality, called Soto del Barco. I don’t mind this, it makes it unique 🙂

Quebrantos has 2 main entry points: one in the middle, with parking and lots of amenities and one at its Western side, also with its own parking.
The Western side of the Quebrantos beach

So let’s take it slow. First of all its Western side is spectacular because it’s very close to the municipality of Muros de Nalón and its first beaches: La Guardada beach and El Garruncho.

You can leave the car in the parking built right on the right shore of the river Nalón in the town of San Juan de la Arena – from here you can see the river, the lighthouse of San Esteban de Pravia and most of the Quebrantos beach.

There are also lots of hotels, bars and restaurants around this spot, Quebrantos being an urban beach.

Middle entry point to the beach of Quebrantos in Asturias, Spain
You can also drive a bit more into the city and reach the beach right in the middle. Here you have a bigger parking, a recreational area with tables and benches, toilets, the lifeguards, showers and anything you might need. It’s the heart of the beach.

Also this middle area is surrounded by a beautiful promenade where you will constantly find people walking, cycling or practicing sports (the app AsturPlaya can take you to the middle entry point, download it now!)

This is also the starting point of a footpath that will take you to the next beach called Sablón or Playón de Bayas in the municipality of Castrillón.

This footpath is the perfect shortcut to get to the next beach because the airport was built right between them and by car the distance is way longer since it has to go around the airport.
Towards Pozaco headland
If you take a look towards the Eastern extremity of the beach you will see some stairs going up to a viewpoint (see image to the left).

It is built on the Pozaco headland and will uncover for you another secret: this is not where Quebrantos ends 🙂

This viewpoint will give you a panoramic view over the Quebrantos beach and discover its Eastern side, completely different from its Western one.

Here you’ll have a lot less sand and more rocks, is not as extended and cliffs are way higher. Different but not uglier, a bit more spectacular in my opinion (and maybe…hidden?) – but no amenities exist here.

You can get there by climbing down some concrete stairs – just be careful cause they can be slippery when it rains. I also believe this part of the beach disappears completely at high tide.

In 2015 (and in the past) Quebrantos was awarded with the Blue Flag eco-label.

The Eastern side of the Quebrantos beach in Asturias, Spain

Fun fact about Los Quebrantos beach

The village of San Juan de la Arena has been built upon one of the strings of dunes which also surround the beach. This seaside town is well known for its gastronomy based on elvers.

Another fun fact is that Soto del Barco has only one beach, Quebrantos. It’s the only municipality with one beach only. Small, isn’t it? 🙂

Extra info about the beach of Quebrantos

810 meters long, Quebrantos is a beach of dark sand and some rocks here and there. You can reach it by car or by foot from the town of San Juan de la Arena or the nearby beach called Playón de Bayas.

It has showers, lifeguard, toilets, picnic area, lots of restaurants, bars and hotels around and also a few parkings. It’s an accessible beach for disabled people – make sure you use the middle entry point.

Weather at the Quebrantos beach


Video: Los Quebrantos beach

Los Quebrantos beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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