Pormenande beach in Asturias, Spain

Pormenande & Bartolo beach, El Franco, Asturias

10 November, 2014

Pormenande is the main beach of La Caridad (the capital of the municipality of El Franco), increasingly popular with each summer. It is a beautiful and a very safe beach, in spite of it being composed mainly of boulders and gravel.

Pormenande beach in Asturias seen from the Rego islet

Once here your eyes will first see the Rego islet (right in front) whose top can be reached via a footpath, while to the left (West) Pormenande joins with low tide with the beach of Bartolo (also reachable via a trail with high tide).

If you come here, take time to climb to the top of the Rego islet, it’s an easy walk and will show you the splendid surroundings – not something you can find at every beach.

We took it as an opportunity to discover something new and after 5 minutes of climbing we found another sign pointing towards some concrete stairs – behind them another small beach of boulders (empty, just the way we like it) was expecting us 馃檪

Of course it was expecting us ! Bartolo beach!

Who said the beaches of the municipality of El Franco can’t surprise you!

Pormenande beach in Asturias seen from the Rego islet

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Bartolo beach

Bartolo is considered a separate beach but you won’t notice the difference with low tide. We actually did not think it’s another beach until we saw a wooden sign showing us a path uphill.

Pormenande beach seen from the Bartolo beach in Asturias, Spainrock at the Bartolo beach in Asturias, Spain

Extra info about Bartolo and Pormenande beaches

Together Bartolo and Pormenande are 190 meters wide and almost without sand but still quite popular due to them having amenities and being easy to find. You’ll find here toilets, showers, lifeguard during high season and a huge parking with a picnic area nearby.

It’s a good fishing spot, like most Asturian beaches are. They are also accessible for people with limited mobility.

Weather at the Bartolo and Pormenande beaches


Video: Pormenande & Bartolo beach

Pormenande and Bartolo – the twin beachs of El Franco, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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