Porcia and El Xogaral beach in Tapia de Casariego/El Franco

Porcía beach, El Franco, Asturias

10 December, 2014

This is a triangular-shaped beach of sand and pebbles situated at the mouth of the river Porcía right between the municipalities of Tapia de Casariego and El Franco. This means you sometimes might find it in the maps as belonging to Tapia and sometimes as belonging to El Franco.

In order to launch our beach app Asturplaya we walked the entire coastline of Asturias and photographed far more beaches than we will ever be able to add in the app.

So after seeing almost 400 of them we realized there are beaches and beaches. Some of them amazing, some of them regular, none of them truly… ugly. So we saw Porcía on a gloomy day right where the river flows into the sea (an area known as El Xogaral, but not quite… Porcía), we took some photos and left in hurry to see the next beach.

El Xogaral and Porcia beaches in Asturias, Spain

A year later we returned, this time having a lot more time to take pictures and explore the surroundings. We were such fools a year ago! What a surprise Porcía was for us! What discoveries we made, how could we be so blind?

This post is our way of apologizing, expect it to be longer than usual 🙂 Let’s start!

El Xogaral beach

where the river Porcia flows into the sea in Asturias

There are two access points to Porcía: the first one is where the river flows into the sea, as seen in the picture to the left. This place has its own name and is called El Xogaral beach.

You can get to El Xogaral by car but you won’t find a parking here so you might need to leave it wherever you can. There is no sand here because the river filled this place with pebbles so you might see people bringing their chairs and bathing in the sun in a different way.

You’ll also find here a picnic area and barbecues made of red bricks. Right now if you turn to face the sea, you see cliffs surrounding you: put your boots on and let’s explore the ones to the left.

Views over the Porcia beach in Asturias, Spain

There is a footpath taking you on top of these cliffs, just look for it around you. Once there you will be surrounded by interesting things to see.

To the East you’ll see the “As Pontes” islets (or Los Puentes – in English “the bridges” and my, do they look like stepping stones). There are some ruins on top of them which were used to transport iron to the shore.

In 1929 a Dutch ship called Valkenburg stranded here, major event that generated lots of legends and stories that still circulate among locals.

The “As Pontes” Islets, right in front of the Porcía beach

The islets are home to numerous species of birds and a protected area. Lots of people come here to study the birds, the region of Tapia being home to lots of them.

The As Pontes Islets, right in front of the Porcía beach

“Dos Bois” islets and their smaller siblings

A little bit more to the East a new string of islets draws our attention: dos Bois islets and some smaller rocks who also have names: A Cepa & Pedra Imán. Also home to lots of birds, they become alive in the spring when the mating season starts.

Dos Bois islets and their smaller siblings

Land finally: the Talaya headland and the Porcía beach

We saw the beach with high tide, when it almost completely disappears. With low tide an impressive amount of sandy area is revealed, divided by long rocks scattered here and there.

This is the place you have to reach when searching for the beach, following the N-634 road. This is where you will find a parking, the lifeguard tower, 2-3 picnic areas with benches/tables and lots of amenities.

Porcia beach in Asturias, Spain

Some extra info about Porcía beach

El Xogaral and the Porcia beach
And now the technicalities: a 200 meters long beach of sand, pebbles and weird/interesting rocks. It has showers, toilets, lifeguard, parking, picnic areas but also stairs. It’s not accessible for people with limited mobility as far as we could see.

Porcía is amazing place where you can tan, swim but also fish, observe wildlife and explore mysterious paths taking you to the surrounding cliffs.

Weather at the Porcía beach


Video: Porcía and El Xogaral beach

Porcía beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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