Panoramic view of the Poo beach in Llanes

Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias

17 November, 2014

Poo beach is a long, narrow inlet accessible from the village of Poo (you can read is as Po) or from the E9 coastal trail that parts from the village of Celorio

Actually this is a segment of the E-9 (which links all the beaches of Asturias) and I highly recommend it even if you are not into trekking much – this segment is a a spectacular footpath that closely follows the coastline of the municipality of Llanes and that will uncover more secret beaches than I can describe here, Portiellu de San Martín being the biggest and most famous of them) and will leave in the the village of Poo.

An ordinary summer day at the beach of Poo
Here the river Vallina flows into the sea and the beach almost completely disappears under waters at high tide. There is also a recreational area nearby – this is almost an urban beach and in the village of Poo you will find (almost) anything you might need.

The problem that I encountered at this beach is that, despite the fact that the principality of Asturias states that Poo has a parking, we could not find a place to park for free.

There is, indeed, a (small) parking right near the beach but we had to pay to park there, even if it was just for taking some photos and leave. It’s a practice that’s quickly extending throughout Asturias, soon you might have to pay for parking near almost every beach (in high season).

Like all the beaches of Llanes, Poo can become quite crowded in the summer months, Llanes being the Asturian municipality that attracts the majority of tourists due to its sandy beaches, gastronomy and quality accommodation.

Some extra info about the beach of Poo

A small, triangular beach (150 meters wide) Poo almost disappears with high tide but low tide uncovers a huge sandy surface. Then the sandy surface can extend really close to the island of Almenada. Poo beach has showers, lifeguard during the high season and it’s surrounded by bars and restaurants. There is also a camping nearby.

The village of Poo is quite small and cannot handle a lot of cars so I suggest you to walk to the beach and leave the car well outside Poo – our beach app AsturPlaya can take you there, download it now!

Weather at the Poo beach


Video: Poo beach in Llanes

Poo beach in Llanes, Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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