Panoramic view of the Perán beach in Candás, Asturias, Spain

Perán beach, Carreño, Asturias

4 December, 2014

Perán beach is easy to find since it’s right in the village of Perán, near Candás. So near that I didn’t actually make the difference.

It’s a beach that we discovered for the first time coming from Perlora and not without a fight: we were coming from the Perlora parking following a mysterious trail that happen to stop at a certain point, forcing us to jump to get to the beach.
Perán beach surrounded by blocks of flatsWe discovered later that Perán is not part of Perlora and it has a very easy access from the main road – we weren’t so thrilled anymore. It happens that we love a challenge and Perán suddenly was (too) easy to get to. No fight at all!

No major breakthroughs = we were no conquerors of virgin beaches 🙂

We saw Perán this year (2014) after a long, stormy winter and found it with much less sand that we would have liked.

As far as my hopes go, the sand will come back following a natural process that apparently the sea obeys: first it steals the sand, then it return it after a few months.

The beach of Perán seen from the main road to Candás

So what is this beach?

It’s a beach of sand and hidden rocks, 150 meters wide and that doesn’t disappear completely with high tide. Low tide uncovers a huge sandy surface with rocks scattered here and there.

It doesn’t have amenities, nor lifeguard or its own private parking but you can park in Perlora or Candás.

It’s surrounded by bars and restaurants, hotels, shops and it also has a camping really close by. Within walking distance there are 3 more beaches that share the same cove: El Conexal cove, then towards West La Palmera beach and the last one, La Pregona beach.

If you own a smartphone make sure you download our beach guide Asturplaya, it will show you all the nearby beaches and all of the municipality of Carreño.

Weather forecast for the Perán beach in Asturias


Video: Perán beach in Candás, Asturias

Perán beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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