Pedreyada beach in Asturias, Spain

Pedreyada & Bigoix beach, Coaña, Asturias

10 December, 2014

Finding the coves of Pedreyada and Bigoix is not easy if you are not familiar with the surroundings – roads may take you close enough to get a glimpse of them from above but not close enough to actually be able to climb down to them.

La Coba or Bigoix beach in Asturias, Spain

La Coba or Bigoix beach

First you have to drive to the village of Loza – the name might be familiar to you since it’s the same starting point for the beaches of Torbas and El Barco and the secluded coves of Llastra Collé and Aguillón.

Leave the car outside the village where the tarmac road ends and walk towards North-East – there is a path entering the woods that splits after a few hundred meters (our beach app Asturplaya can take you there, download it today, it’s free!)

Walking a bit towards East will get you close to the Bigoix beach (also known as La Coba) but unfortunately it was impossible for us to climb down to it easily and safely.

We did not see any visible trail going down, maybe fishermen and locals know one but from this point there was none visible.

It is also possible that, because we were visiting the coastline of Coaña in early spring, the trail was covered with vegetation.

Pedreyada beach in Asturias, Spain

Pedreyada beach

Locals usually clean these trails in high season but let them get lost in the woods once the summer is gone – the main reason why we could not access or even find a few beautiful coves in Asturias.

We got used to it and plan better the second attempt 🙂

Going back where the road split and walking towards West will get you to the Pedreyada beach. The trail going down to this one is / was in better shape so climbing down was easier.

Once here you will notice that both beaches are rather small (100 – 200 meters long, almost disappearing with high tide) and made of boulders and gravel with rocks scattered here and there.

None of them has a nearby parking, nor services, nor lifeguard. They are mostly visited by locals and by fishermen, the rocks surrounding them being perfect for fishing (underwater fishing too).

Weather at both Pedreyada and Bigoix beaches in Asturias


Video: Pedreyada & Bigoix beaches in Asturias

Pedreyada and Bigoix beaches in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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