Palombina beach in Asturias, Spain. Panoramic view.

Palombina beach, Llanes, Asturias

19 May, 2015

Palombina is one of the (few) urban beaches of Celorio, awarded in 2015 (and in the past) with the Blue Flag eco-label for the quality of its services, water and environmental policy.
Palombina funny map

There’s a bit of a misunderstanding regarding Palombina beach because on some maps different portions of it have different names and all join with low tide, as you can see on Google Maps, for example, or the left picture.

But some maps apparently are wrong and the locals are really trying to fix things by correcting the official records.

Their version is: Palombina is the Western + the middle area of the beach (which has a name though: La Fuentona) while the Eastern one located just in front of the monastery is called Las Cámaras or Los Frailes beach.

Although I might confuse you with all this, I do NOT want to perpetuate this error in my beach app AsturPlaya and in this blog.

These names have a history behind them and it’s important for the people of Celorio to maintain them since they survived untouched since the 17th century.

So Palombina is the Eastern and the middle beach right in the heart of Celorio, the one surrounded by the concrete promenade, the restaurants and the bars.

Extra info about Palombina beach

Palombina beach in Asturias, Spain
Palombina is an extended beach but because it is so divided by the islet and lots of rocks it seems much smaller. It’s 400 meters long and 80 meters wide with low tide. with high tide the beach almost disappears and the sea gets really close to the promenade, sometimes too close…

It has lots of amenities: showers, toilets, daily lifeguard in high season, parking (more than one, the biggest being in the middle). It’s an urban beach meaning that you’ll find here lots of bars, restaurants, hotels and everything you might need. It’s also accessible for people with limited mobility and, some say, a good spot for underwater fishing.

There’s a viewpoint at its Eastern end built on the Palombina headland. This viewpoint gives you a panoramic view over the Palombina beach to the left and Los Frailes / Los Curas beach to the right.

Confused by all the beaches in Celorio?

Don’t be, it’s easy – if you walk around Celorio you might find a map like this explaining you the surroundings:

A map showing the coasltine of Celorio in Llanes, Asturias, Spain

They say the coastline begins with the Borizu beach and ends with Almenada beach (the sandy area that shows up right in front of the Almenada island). But this last beach is pretty much like a mermaid, everyone talks about it but it only shows for a couple of hours a day with low tide… or so some people say…

I couldn’t see it every time I went there, so in my books the last beach is Portiellu de San Martín. There!

Weather in Celorio at the beach of Palombina


Video: Palombina beach in Llanes

Palombina beach in Llanes, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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