Barquera beach in Cudillero

La Barquera beach is a hidden jewel. Why hidden? Because its neighbor Del Silencio beach is stealing all the spotlight and almost nobody talks about this one. They are so close to one another that you can reach Barquera by foot starting from the viewpoint installed at Del Silencio, past the Nocedal headland. But nobody […]

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  •  in Gozón, Asturias

    Luanco- panoramic view of the beach

    Santa Marina is an extended urban beach situated in the village of Luanco. It is a sandy beach (the sand has an interesting reddish color) with lots of amenities – an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Partly because Luanco is an extremely beautiful village (just like Ribadesella, Cudillero, Luarca or Lastres it […]

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  •  in Villaviciosa, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the beach España in Villaviciosa

    España, like lots of beaches in Asturias, is divided by a river (also called España) which means it has, besides sand, lots of huge rocks carried by the river. Trivia: The fact that its name is identical to Spain’s name in Spanish (España) is a coincidence, its name derives from the Asturian language word for […]

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  •  in Cudillero, Asturias

    Panoramic view of El Castrillón beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain

    Getting to see El Castrillón beach is really easy, stepping on the actual beach is a totally different thing. How come? Well, let’s start with the beginning. Getting here is easy even if there are no indicators towards the beach – this place is well known due to it being used as a fishing port […]

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  •  in Carreño, Asturias

    El Conexal cove in Candás, Asturias, Spain

    El Conexal cove is located right at the entrance in the town of Candás. It’s a rather interesting place since it’s actually what Asturians call a “pedreru” – a beach exclusively made of rocks. It wasn’t like that a few years back but consecutive storms washed away the gravel and sand that covered the rocks […]

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  •  in Coaña, Asturias

    Aguillón beach in Coana, Asturias, Spain

    You might find this beach under similar names like, for example, Aguyón or Aquillón so don’t panic. Aguillón is a secluded beach without descent, surrounded mostly by equally secluded beaches or coves. With a small exception: Torbas beach towards West. Towards East the secluded cove of Llastra Collé wil enchant you with the landscape and […]

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  •  in Castrillón, Asturias

    Panoramic view of El Pedrero cove in Asturias, Spain

    El Pedrero is a spectacular cove near the beach of Arnao, hidden behind an abandoned old house. You can get there from the beach of Arnao by taking the path near the cliff to the East where you will find an abandoned house surrounded by stone walls which you can walk over. If you closely […]

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