Tazones panoramic view of the village and the beach of Tazones in Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain

This sandy beach is located within the port of the historic village of Tazones, a village very well known for its gastronomy based on seafood and for playing an important role in the history of Asturias and Spain (our app beahc app AsturPlaya can take you to Tazones, download it now). The village is well […]

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  •  in Valdés, Asturias

    Santa Ana beach in Valdés, Asturias

    Ok, this one can scare you if you happen to see it from the Santa Ana headland or anywhere near its Western side (which you can and you should!) – because you suddenly see a big vertical wall surrounding the beach and you think: “No way I can get down there!!!” That’s because an 80 […]

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  •  in Valdés, Asturias

    Salinas beach in Luarca

    Together with First & Second beaches of Luarca, Salinas ends a string of impressive beaches considered part of the village of Luarca, centre of the municipality of Valdés – other beaches in and around Luarca being Las Arreas beach, El Enguilo beach, Portizuelo among a few others pretty difficult to find. Salinas is a very […]

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  •  in Cudillero, Asturias

    Cueva beach in Cudillero

    La Cueva beach is a shell-shaped sandy beach (with gravel) on the western flank of Cape Vidio and part of the West Coast Protected Landscape Area. Cape Vidio, just like Cape Busto, is surrounded by a string of beaches that look quite similar one to another. And when I say “string” and “similar”, I mean […]

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  •  in Valdés, Asturias

    Bozo beach in Valdés

    On the same Western flank as Cape Busto we can find the beach of Bozo surrounded by high cliffs of quartz and slate, just like the majority of the beaches in the municipality of Valdés (and boy, they are many!) Extra info about Bozo beach Medium sized beach of boulders – it has around 270 […]

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  •  in Navia, Asturias

    Fabal beach seen from above

    To get to the beach of Fabal you have to leave the car in the nearby village of Teifaros and walk till you reach its Eastern side. If you love trekking you can reach it from either Navia beach or Frejulfe beach but that is another story. There is no way you can get close […]

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  •  in Valdés, Asturias

    Luarca beaches

    In a wide cove sheltered from the sea by breakwaters, these two beaches – known as Playa Primera and Playa Segunda (The First Beach and The Second Beach of Luarca) – form a unique sandy area which is very crowded during the summer and belongs to the West Coast Protected Landscape Area. There is a […]

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