Panoramic view of the La Furada beach

Located north of the El Murallón beach in Tapia de Casariego, you can reach La Furada by walking down Francisco González Villamil street, a street that links all the beaches located in the heart of this town. Let me remind you some details about these beaches. So it happens we have the beautiful town of […]

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  •  in Ribadesella, Asturias

    Aberdil or Arbidel beach in Ribadesella, Asturias

    A beach that is not a beach but a cove and a name that’s not exactly its name, how interesting is that? It’s hard to say the name of this place, it is Arbidel, Aberdil or Arvidel? That’s because in Spanish both V and B are pronounced B and so the name can be written […]

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  •  in Cudillero, Asturias

    Campofrío beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

    Campofrío is a prolongation of the Aguilar beach located in Muros de Nalón – without knowing anything about the area, going there you won’t actually see 2 different beaches but only one occupying the entire cove. Why are there two beaches in the first place? Well, as usual, a river flows into the sea at […]

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  •  in Llanes, Asturias

    La Canal beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain

    The name La Canal beach can be translated as The Channel and just by seeing the images below or above you might understand why. La Canal beach is a really long and narrow beach (I could not say if it’s more than 10 – 15 meters wide) that with really low tide becomes a bit […]

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  •  in Muros de Nalón, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the Aguilar beach in Muros de Nalón, Asturias, Spain

    Aguilar is a beach that comes with a legend and that is not something very common in Asturias. It’s also a beach that comes with a lot of amenities but let’s start with the legend first. The legend says that long time ago there was an enchanted fairy living in a cave inside the Castiello […]

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  •  in Castropol, Asturias

    Panoramic view of the Arnela beach in Castropol, Asturias, Spain

    If I tell you that Arnela is a beach hidden in the Eo estuary then you might know exactly where is that, since the Eo river is the natural limit between Asturias and Galicia. It might also sound familiar if you are a friend of this blog – we recently wrote about another beach inside […]

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  •  in Gozón, Asturias

    Viodo / Arnielles beach in Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

    This beach has two names: Viodo because it’s located near the village of Viodo in Gozón and also is called Arnielles or Los Bolos (The Boulders) for the obvious reason of having boulders and sand. Viodo beach is rather mysterious to me because I saw it twice and it changed a bit. First of all […]

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