Oleiros beach in Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - panoramic view

Oleiros beach, Cudillero, Asturias

27 May, 2015

I believe Oleiros is the most beautiful beach in Cudillero you never heard of. From my point of view not visiting it is a shame cause you are missing out on some raw beauty, the kind you won’t see at the most popular beaches of Cudillero like San Pedro de La Ribera or Concha de Artedo.
Eastern side of the Oleiros beach in Asturias, SpainOn the other hand the raw beauty will disappear once Oleiros gets the spotlight and people will start demanding a parking right on the cliffs, a beach bar and other amenities that, in my opinion, should not exist at every beach.

Oleiros is special and it being hard to reach will make every visitor appreciate it more. It’s far from the nearest parking, it’s secluded, it’s kept secret by the locals and it’s still wild and worth exploring. It’s up to us to keep it this way and preserve its uniqueness.

So what’s all the fuss about Oleiros? Let’s start from the beginning.

Oleiros is one of the most extended secluded beaches of Cudillero. Cudillero has a lot, but a lot of beaches. Most of them are secluded and really hard to get to (just to realize you got there with high tide and the beach is gone and there’s nothing to see, really).

Some of them are popular, extended and with amenities. Some, are… something in between.

Oleiros is rather easy to get to, doesn’t disappear completely with high tide (but almost) and has no amenities.

The parking is rather far away (let’s say 1000 meters or so) and belongs to the recreational area of Monte Valsera, where I suggest you to leave your car and continue on foot. This place is right between the villages of Lamu帽o and Salamir.

There is no indicator pointing you towards the Oleiros beach (it used to be, it disappeared one day) but make sure you take the first road to the right just when the recreational area ends. The road will enter the forest and will leave you right on the cliffs surrounding the beach.

A footpath with stairs takes to the left and will leave you on the beach. From above this is what you will see:

Western side of the Oleiros beach in Asturias, SpainEastern side of the Oleiros beach in Asturias, Spain

Towards West (your left) there is the Mal Perro tip, hiding its own cove and secrets. Towards East (to the right) there’s the Austera tip shadowed by the Rabi贸n island.
Western side of the Oleiros beach in Asturias, Spain

Both extremes of the beach are mostly covered with rocks that disappear with high tide and are excellent for fishing (underwater fishing too). Low tide uncovers a world in itself between those rocks so take your time and explore them properly.

The cliffs around these rocks are all pierced by the strong waves you’ll find at Oleiros, creating small caves that can be explored also. The right side of the beach is also considered a nudist corner.

Springs come to life at the beach here creating beautiful waterfalls but also sudden and massive landslides. Just don’t walk too close of the cliffs especially after a heavy rainfall and you’ll be fine 馃檪

The center of the beach is mostly made of boulders that make way to gravel that makes way to a coarse dark sand. It’s also a good surf spot.

If you’re curious to see it and need help finding it download our beach app Asturplaya – we created the app just for that 馃檪

Weather at the Oleiros beach in Cudillero


Video: Oleiros beach in Cudillero

Oleiros, the most beautiful beach in Cudillero you never heard of from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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