Panoramic view of the Munielles beach in Castrillón, Asturias, Spain

Munielles beach, Castrillón, Asturias

22 September, 2015

There are beaches in Asturias I have never seen on a sunny day. No matter how often I’ve been there, rain somehow followed me and ruined my pictures. A lot of them happen to be in the municipality of Castrillón and I am starting to believe that they probably hate me – yes, I am talking about you Bahínas and Santa María del Mar!
Rainy day at the Munielles beach in Castrillon, Asturias, Spain
I am quite happy it happened this way with Munielles cause I would have missed all the show “she” was putting on on a stormy day.

First of all we had the beach just for ourselves, the sea was restless, perfect surf-waves were forming and crushing rapidly while the foam of the sea was creating beautiful dress-like shapes on the sand.

Maybe Munielles is an ugly beach on a sunny day! Who knows? But I found it to be magic on a rainy autumn day!

The only thing I am sorry about is that we could not get here with low tide (5AM and 5PM are not the best hours for exploring the beach in my opinion) cause I would have loved to explore the rocks on its Western side, called Peña La Furada (The Pierced Rock).

These rocks are the natural limit between Munielles and a neighboring beach called El Regueru or El Cordial. Don’t worry about getting lost here, our beach app Asturplaya can take you to these beaches in a heart beat!

Once here, what will you find?

Well Munielles is quite a popular beach for the well know reasons: it’s a rather extended (for Asturias I mean) beach of sand and boulders (250 meters long), with showers, toilets, lifeguard service during the summer, a beach bar, a parking (never big enough during summer weekends) with a picnic area nearby. It is also accessible for people with limited mobility.

The waves at this beach are perfect for surf, while the rocks at the Eastern side seem a good place to go fishing. Now you know!

Western side of the Munielles beach in Asturias, SpainEastern side of the Munielles beach in Asturias, Spain

You can get here by car or by bike from the village of La Roza or Bayas or by foot, if you love trekking, following the coastal trail that links the beaches of Arnao and Sablón. This trail is part of a bigger one that links all Asturian beaches, but even this short segment is enough to show you a part of the coastline of Castrillón.

Update: Summer day at the Munielles beach

Hey, apparently me and Munielles made peace and I finally had the chance to see it on a sunny day 🙂 What a beautiful day! Check the photos and tell me if you disagree with me 🙂

Lifeguard post at the Munielles beach on a sunny summer day
Rocks separating the Munielles and El Reguero beach in Asturias, Spain

Weather at Munielles beach


Video: Munielles beach in Asturias

Munielles beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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