Moro or Peñafurada beach, Navia, Asturias

14 July, 2016

Moro beach can be considered an extension of the beach of Navia since it’s located a few meters its East. It is a beach with coarse and dark sand, very popular among youngsters and nudists because it’s hidden behind high cliffs and because the Navia beach tends to draw all the attention away from it. Moro beach in Navia, Asturias, Spain

But I personally found it to be the complete opposite of Navia: while Navia was noisy and full of people, Moro was empty, silent and peaceful (in the spring).

We reached Moro from the viewpoint that parts from the beach of Navia, walking (or driving) a few hundred meters uphill until reaching a small parking (is it a parking? I don’t know!) with bright colored benches.

The place is really small so I suggest you to leave your car in the parking below and walk to the Moro beach.

Moro is not an accessible beach, nor is for people with poor balance. Lots of really small concrete stairs will take you to the beach, but I suggest you to be careful with them.

Its (very small) parking is the starting point of a coastal trail that will take you to the Frexulfe beach – our app AsturPlaya can take you to all these beaches, download it now!

Some extra info about the Moro beach

Moro beach, seen from the stairs
Moro is a 200 meters long beach of dark sand with no amenities, no lifeguard and a small parking (if this is what it is) – but its proximity with the beach of Navia means you can leave your car in that parking and use some of the services that Navia offers.

While Navia benefits from a lot of amenities, Moro will offer you a good place to run away and relax.

Weather at the Moro beach in Asturias


Video: Moro beach in Asturias, Spain

Moro beach in Asturias from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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