The Mendía cove in Asturias seen from the Cebollera headland and the coastline of Ribadedeva with La Franca beach in the background

Mendía beach, Ribadedeva, Asturias

1 December, 2014

Under this name I will gather what locals believe that are at least 3 small beaches or coves. Since the official maps are confusing about this place and not all locals really know the names if each area in this really large cove I will present it to you as the Mendía or Bendía cove.
Cuevas Coloradas beach in Asturias
The reason this happens is because it is quite a large cove with a shape that makes you see more than one beach here: there is a clear left side and a right side and so… locals named the left side El Vivero beach or El Sargento (or both) and the right side Mendía beach with a corner called Cuevas Coloradas beach (the Coloured Caves).

I kind of love this name because it also makes sense: the cliffs here are colored due to the presence of some mineral and the beach is a bit spectacular with that peculiar sharp rock.

Before reaching the beach we decided to take a look at it from the cliffs surrounding it at the East, known as the Pimiango cliffs or Castru La Robla or The Cebollera headland.

I know, many names, but I like that because I believe a name gives a place a history and thus, life.

So we got there from the village of Pimiango: to the West we saw the Mendía Cove and the coastline of Ribadedeva (also a nice view of the La Franca beach) and to the West the Regolguero cove and also the coastline of Ribadedeva 🙂

The coastline of Ribadedeva seen from Punta Cebollera and the Mendía coveAs you can see is the kind of place where you need boots because the footpath going down the cliffs is slippery sometimes and the last section might be in bad shape due to constant storms this spring (2014).

This footpath is quite difficult to find cause it starts in the middle of the cove (the app AsturPlaya can take you there if you’re curious, download it now!)

There are no amenities at the beach, no lifeguard, no parking but it’s a heaven for fishermen and divers and also for people who love trekking & to discover places that take your breath away 🙂

Weather at the Mendía cove in Ribadedeva


Video: Mendía beach in Ribadedeva

Ensenada de Mendía in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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