Malabajada cove in Asturias, Spain

Malabajada beach, Castrillón, Asturias

4 December, 2014

In Spanish Malabajada means “bad descent” but the name is not quite accurate in this case, since this beach has no descent anymore and it’s completely inaccessible at the moment.

Malabajada beach and its rusty stairs
I don’t think this will change in the future since Malabajada was only considered interesting for a few years while it was used to extract rocks from.

So why am I adding it here and why did we choose to add it in our beach app Asturplaya?

Because if you love trekking and decide to see some, if not all the beaches of Castrillón, you might actually see it and wonder what’s its story.

I actually encourage you to put some boots on and do so because this segment of the coastal footpath built along the coastline of Asturias is breathtaking. If trekking is not your passion, at least try to walk the trail between Arnao beach and Playón de Bayas which will uncover Malabajada and some more hidden coves along the way.

Malabajada beach and the Deva islet in Asturias, SpainBut let’s return to Malabajada.

It’s easy to find actually, just search for the village of Bayas and turn East – there are no indicators towards Malabajada since it’s not considered important enough but there’s a parking really close to it (did I ever tell you that you can download our app AsturPlaya and it will create a route for you?)

Leave your car in the small parking and walk about 100 -200 meters East and you’ll find it. With high tide it almost completely disappears which is a shame since it’s quite extended (200-250 meters long, I heard. I never saw it with low tide).

You’ll find a beach of dark sand and gravel and what seems to be some rusted metal stairs. Well, those are not stairs, that was a system used to transport stones from the beach, abandoned long ago. It’s rusted and broken but it looks awesome in photos! 🙂

Towards your left (West, and in this case easily seen in the picture to the right) you’ll see the Deva island home to rare birds and a protected natural space (together with its surrounding beaches).

If you walk on this path along the coastline you will be able to discover another hidden cove named La Barca beach and also be able to see Playón de Bayas from above which is … breathtaking!

Weather at Malabajada beach in Asturias


Video: Malabajada beach in Asturias

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