De Los Mayanes beach in Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Los Mayanes beach, Gijón, Asturias

6 December, 2014

If you find this Los Mayanes beach familiar even though you haven’t been here it’s because it’s very very similar to the Cervigón/El Rinconín beach . Yes? No?

Los Mayanes beach is located right between the Cervigón beach and San Lorenzo beach in Gijón and has a little bit of both.
Los Mayanes beach - Eastern side

Los Mayanes beach is surrounded by a promenade (the same actually, it starts in San Lorenzo and goes well beyond Cervigón), is 300 meters long and is also made of sand, rocks and gravel.

I saw no amenities at the beach nor lifeguard during the summer months.

It is though an urban beach, meaning it is surrounded by bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and whatever you might need is withing walking distance.

It is also accessible for people with limited mobility and you can get here on foot, by car, by bike or by bus.

The official tourism website of Gijón says that Los Mayanes is a beach where you can practice surf and stand-up-paddle but I have never seen surfers here, the beach is pretty rocky and surfers seem to prefer the Eastern side of the San Lorenzo beach more, around the area known as El Tostaderu, on the Western side of the Pilés river.

Los Mayanes can get pretty crowded in the summer and especially during weekends, but more often than not you might end up all alone there, especially in low season.

Los Mayanes beach - Western side

As I already wrote in the post about the nearby beach of Cervigón/El Rinconín, the promenade surrounding these beaches is also a place where impressive works of art are displayed.

Los Mayanes beach is no exception, being home for “Sombras de Luz” (“Shadows of Light”) made in 1998 by Fernando Alba Álvarez – a sculpture made of 4 steel plates that you will find on the Western side of Los Mayanes, on a headland known as Mayan de Tierra (seen in the picture to the right).

These plates have holes in them (representing planets) and are placed according to the 4 cardinal points – this way, depending on the movement of the sun these plates project interesting shadows on the promenade.

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You might find this beach under the name of Playa del Pico de El Mongol or the simpler El Mongol beach, names extremely popular among the surfers. Careful, this place is dangerous with high tide or on stormier days, especially in the summer / spring. Accidents tend to happen here.

Weather at the Los Mayanes beach


Video: Los Mayanes beach in Gijón

Timelapse: sunset in Gijón

from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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