Panoramic view of Los Curas beach in Perlora, Asturias, Spain

Los Curas beach, Carreño, Asturias

4 December, 2014

Los Curas is one of the beaches that the resort of Perlora has – I wrote on this blog about the others so let me remind them to you.
Los Curas beach in Perlora - a vew from above
Close nearby to the East there is Carranques beach and a bit more towards West you will find Huelgues beach, also known as Perlora beach.

If you have reached Perlora by foot from Xivares, you probably walked past by El Tranqueru beach, but if you came here (on foot or by car) from Candás then you probably saw Perán beach already.

Yep, there are lots of beaches around Los Curas 🙂

So what is this place? Los Curas a rather small beach of sand (60-70 meters maybe) that almost disappears with high tide.

It’s hidden behind high cliffs right near the Carranques beach. There is a promenade built on these cliffs that closely follows the coastline so you can either see Los Curas beach from above or climb down on the stairs… and see the promenade from below 🙂

It has no lifeguard service (because Huelgues and Carranques have, being way bigger) but it benefits from the amenities of the resort: showers, toilets, huge parkings, picnic areas and a beach bar really close by.
Los Curas beach in Perlora - a vew from below
Perlora is a rather small resort so you’ll have anything you might need within walking distance, don’t worry.

If you take a walk from Carranques towards Huelgues, you will see Los Curas first, a rather interesting island named Islet of Entrellusa and (if you happen to do that at low tide) another really tiny rocky cove. People named it La Isla or Entrellusa cove and it does not show on maps at all. Too tiny 🙂

Los Curas is a good fishing spot (even for underwater fishing, I heard) but I am not so sure about surfing due to it having lots of rocks hidden in the water.

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Weather forecast for Los Curas beach and all the beaches in Perlora, Asturias


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