Lastres beach and the village up on the cliffs

Lastres beach, Colunga, Asturias

13 October, 2014

The beach of Lastres is also known as the l’Estilleru beach due to it being a place where fishing boats were built during centuries.

Lastres beach seen from the village Lastres
From Rodiles to Lastres the coastline runs straight and steep, its cliffs surpassing 100 meters in height, being composed of sandstones, limestone and marls.

Lastres is the main urban center of the municipality of Colunga, its fishing port being one of the most typical and beautiful of the Asturian coastline.

The village itself seems to sit on “stairs” that fall into the sea – but I am sure you already know it since it’s quite famous and popular in high season.

This beach is a bit outside Lastres so make sure you do not mistaken it with Escanu beach, the one located right in the fishing port.

This one, let’s call it L’Estilleru from now on, does exists in the official maps (as Lastres beach though), and has amenities and a small parking. It is just located a bit further away from the center of the village so you might find it in an unexpected place 馃檪

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Extra info about Lastres beach

A 300 meters long and around 30 meters wide beach, L’Estilleru is a mix of pebbles and sand, the pebbles being brought here by the Fray贸n spring which flows into the sea right in the middle of the beach.

It has some showers, toilets, a really small parking that is always full in the summer (there are plenty of parkings in Lastres, leave the car in the village and walk to the beach, it’s not far away) and lifeguard service in high season.

Weather at the beach of Lastres


Video: Lastres beach

Lastres beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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