Las Llanas beach in Muros de Nalon, Asturias, Spain

Las Llanas & Xan-Xun beach, Muros de Nalón, Asturias

3 December, 2014

The beaches of Las Llanas and Xan Xun join with low tide, Xan Xun not being accessible with high tide… nor very visible actually. They share the same cove and are separated by a string of rocks so this is the reason I am writing about both in the same post.

New stairs built at Las Llanas beach in Muros de Nalon, AsturiasLas Llanas is a secluded beach but that doesn’t make it less popular in high season.

It’s accessible by foot only from the coastal trail that links all the beaches of Muros de Nalón – this trail, also known as Ruta de Los Miradores (translated as The Scenic Balcony Trail) is 5 km long, starts with El Garruncho beach in San Esteban de Pravia and ends at the Aguilar beach in Muros de Nalón (or the other way around).

Along this trail you will find lots of picnic areas (Las Llanas has 2 such areas on the cliffs), viewpoints and small parkings here and there (the biggest are at both ends and Las Llanas has one where only 10-15 cars can be parked).

The path that will leave you on the beach is pretty long and winding. It crosses the forest and has stairs here and there (slippery when wet), the last section being replaced with metal stairs due to landslides slowly taking away the stone ones.

You will reach the beach towards its Eastern side and with high tide you will mostly see a beach of rocks and gravel due to numerous landslides that are actually … rock slides… the cliffs are very brittle and lately a lot of beaches are filled with rocks falling from above.

Low tide uncovers a pretty big surface of golden sand and more hidden rocks. Towards West you will see a barrier of rocks that will allow you to reach the Xan Xun beach while towards East you see a similar barrier of rocks (called La Riberina) that will allow you to reach Las Yeguas beach. All this with low tide only.

Western side of Las Llanas beach in Muros de Nalon, AsturiasEastern side of Las Llanas beach in Muros de Nalon, Asturias, Spain

Las Llanas is a beach without amenities but with lifeguard service in high season, during weekends only.

Playa de Xan Xun and Reboduga. Rebo-what?

Xan Xun beach in Muros de Nalon, Asturias, Spain
Xan Xun is located West from Las Llanas beach and East from Punta de Campón (the Campón headland) that separates it from the nearby beach of Xilo / Veneiro.

As you can see in the picture to the left or the gallery above, you can only reach Xan-Xun if you cross a pretty extended area rocks (I believe they fell from the cliffs long time ago).

The rocks might look small, but they are not. And they are definitely slippery, being underwater during low tide.

Xan Xun does not have its own access (this is the only path, till now) so make sure you are out when the tide is rising.

Once here you will see a rather small cove of gravel and rocks (of course) mostly in shade except for the summer months.

Reboduga cove in Muros de nalon Asturias, Spain
So what is this Reboduga thing? Well, low tide uncovers a new hidden cove here towards West that shows up on some maps as Reboduga cove. Some other maps or websites name it Rabadugo.

When we got here (October of 2014), with low tide, we could definitely see the limit between Reboduga and Xan Xun from above, but from below things are not so clear (the rock to the right is the limit, a bit more to the left there is a tiny tiny area that was under water). In our case low tide was not low enough to actually uncover it.

Well, the more coves to discover, the merrier!

Did I make you dizzy with all these names? Don’t worry, our beach app Asturplaya can take you to all of them, download it and have fun!

Tip! Tip!

You can admire Las Llanas beach from above, from both sides. The most spectacular view (in my opinion) is from its Eastern cliffs, from a viewpoint called Mirador de los Glayos.

Weather at the the beaches of Las Llanas and Xan Xun


Video: Las Llanas beach in Muros de Nalón

Video: Xan Xun beach in Muros de Nalón

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