Las Cámaras or Los Frailes beach in Celorio, Llanes, Asturias

Las Cámaras beach, Llanes, Asturias

1 December, 2014

I must confess I was a bit lost when I arrived at Celorio for the first time and saw Las Cámaras beach and then the maps telling me I was supposed to see here the Palombina beach while (with low tide) I was actually seeing 2 beaches not one 🙂

San Salvador monastery at Las Camaras beach in Llanes, Asturias

The confusion is generated by the fact that high tide splits this cove into 2 beaches, the one to the West being called Palombina beach (the area in the middle also has a name, it’s called La Fuentona but it’s not considered a beach in itself though) and the one to the East, right below the walls of the monastery being Las Cámaras beach (The Chambers).

Yes, the location of the monastery is a bit peculiar but also quite interesting for me – that being the reason for locals naming this beach Los Frailes or Los Curas (both words being used for Priest or Monk).

The San Salvador of Celorio monastery was built in the 12th century and was still in use up until 2010 – a really fascinating place to see even if it’s not open to visits.

But be careful, this is not the only Los Curas beach in Asturias – do not mistaken this one with the one in Perlora, also called Los Curas or Los Frailes.

So, how do you get here? Easy, just drive to Celorio in the municipality of Llanes and let the indicators (or our beach app Asturplaya) show you the way to Palombina beach.

Right between the Palombina and Los Frailes you can see a viewpoint, called Mirador de Celorio – a beautiful place to see both beaches from above and also a significant part of the village.
Las Camaras or Los Frailes beach in Celorio, Asturias, Spain

The parking is quite big but still not enough during high season (the beaches of the municipality of Llanes being quite crowded in summer, especially weekends).

Las Cámaras in itself does not have amenities but it benefits from the one at Palombina: toilets, showers, lifeguard – since Palombina is a beach awarded with the Blue Flag eco label, Las Cámaras can be considered worthy of it too.

Being an urban beach, Las Cámaras is surrounded by bars, restaurants, hotels and shops and there are plenty of things to do in Celorio in high season.

It is also one of the most crowded villages in Llanes in the summer, Celorio having more than one, two or 3 beaches… A lot more.

The most Western beach belonging to Celorio is the Barro beach while the most Eastern one is San Martín beach(es). Between these two, you might discover another 9 or so beaches.


Viewpoint between Palombina beach and Las Cámaras beach

Celorio viewpoint between Palombina and Las Camaras beach in Llanes

Weather at Las Cámaras beach in Celorio, Llanes


Video: Las Cámaras beach in Llanes

Las Cámaras beach in Llanes, Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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