Panoramic view of the La Ribeiría beach in Tapia de Casariego, Asturias, Spain

La Ribeiría beach, Tapia de Casariego, Asturias

10 December, 2014

La Ribeiría beach is located to the north of the Anguileiro beach, being the last one belonging to the Tapia de Casariego urban cove.

Walk down the Francisco González Villamil street until you reach its end and there you will find La Ribeiría, right where the sculpture representing 2 surf boards is. This street links all the beaches located in the cove of Tapia.
La Ribeiría beach in Tapia de Casariego seen from above

Let me refresh your memory regarding this spectacular cove.

Low tide uncovers an impressively extended sandy area, extremely popular during summer weekends and considered a perfect spot for practicing surf.

High tide changes everything and suddenly instead of 1 beach you will discover 4. Yes, 4.

The biggest is Anguileiro beach, to the West. Towards East you will find El Murallón beach, then La Furada beach and finally this one, La Ribeiría, also known as San Blas.

I can complicate your life even further, telling you that there is another one in Tapia (the town) called Represas, but I won’t do that, I’m just too nice 🙂

Cause if you want to discover all the beaches of the entire municipality of Tapia de Casariego you know you can just download our beach app Asturplaya, right?

Going back to the San Blas / Ribeiría beach.

It gets rather small with high tide and benefits from the amenities, parking and lifeguard service of the Anguileiro beach, being the biggest.

It has its own showers though.

It’s a good fishing and surfing spot, it’s surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and a park, plus a promenade that allows you to walk around the entire cove.

I won’t say more about it, it really is a must-see if you happen to be nearby – you will love Tapia, I am sure!

Weather forecast for La Ribeiría beach


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