Playa La Pregona in Asturias - Panoramic view

La Pregona beach, Carreño, Asturias

4 December, 2014

La Pregona is a small urban beach in the fishing port of Candás, near the beach of La Palmera, both of them quite crowded in high season. Actually there are 3 beaches here, all sharing the amenities (showers, toilets), the lifeguard and the parking – from West to East they are: La Pregona, La Palmera beach and El Conexal cove (which does not have sand at all).

This how they all look from above:

La Pregona, La Palmera and Conexal beaches seen from above

These are not the only beaches in Candás, the one called Rebolleres beach being within walking distance. Interesting, isn’t it?

La Pregona beach in Candás, AsturiasEasy to find, La Pregona beach is surrounded by a wide range of bars, hotels and restaurants to suit all tastes. Useful considering that La Pregona almost disappears with high tide and you might want to hide in a bar when this happens 🙂

On its Eastern side there is an access ramp for people with limited mobility (but it does leave you between rocks though), large stairs being found on its Western side.

La Pregona beach joins its neighbor La Palmera, this being the reason why official maps display here one extensive sandy area 800 meters long instead of 2 smaller ones.

El Conexal cove also does not exist officially, except for a sign on the road before entering Candás – so don’t worry, no matter how we named them, they’re impossible to miss!

The peculiar rock you see in the picture has a name: it’s called Peña Furada, which can be translated as “The pierced rock” – you’ll hear these words a lot no matter where in Asturias you happen to be 🙂

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Weather at La Pregona beach – and all the beaches of Candás


Video: La Pregona beach in Candás, Asturias

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