La Palmera beach in Asturias, Spain - panoramic view from above

La Palmera beach, Carreño, Asturias

15 October, 2014

La Palmera beach is a continuation of the urban beach of Candás / La Pregona (or the other way around, Candás is the continuation of La Palmera), a very safe beach with golden sand, bordered by a promenade. It’s perfect for families, people practicing sports, youngsters and elders altogether!
the palmtree at the Palmera beach in Candás
And if you wonder what the name of the beach means, the picture to the left will help you understand. Palmera means “palm tree” in Spanish and now the name kind of makes sense, isn’t it?

Anyway, this is what you will see right when stepping on the beach, but before you will actually feel the sand you will have the opportunity to admire the beach from above, from the promenade that surrounds it, coming from the cove of El Conexal (it’s mostly rocks, boulders and pebbles) right till Candás beach and the fishing port.

Yes, fishing port – Candás is one of the beautiful fishing villages I’ve been talking about in this blog (remember Luanco, Luarca, Lastres, etc???)

In the official maps you won’t see 3 beaches (or 2 beaches and a cove) along the promenade, but only one. Don’t panic, they share amenities, parking and lifeguard anyway.

La Palmera and its “sisters” are perfect for fishing but I am not so sure about surfing though.

As you can see in the picture below, although extensive, it almost disappears with high tide. Do you see where the wet sand ends and the dry one begins? Well, it becomes that small…

More technical info about La Palmera

La Palmera beach seen from above, Asturias, SpainLa Palmera is an extensive (240m) sandy beach with scattered rocks here and there – even more rocks this year since the sea stole the sand away during some really ugly storms this winter-spring (2013-2014).

It’s an urban beach so it has all the amenities you might need, lifeguard during high season and lots of parking places (even if they seem to be plenty, they are not enough in the summer so you might want to leave your car further away, in the town).

The beach is also surrounded by bars, restaurants, hotels, things to see and has, I am sure, a pretty entertaining night life too! Actually Candás is a very active town during the summer months and has more than these 3 beaches mentioned in this post! ( Hint: Rebolleres beach is also in Candás!)

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Weather at La Palmera beach


Video: La Palmera beach seen from different angles

La Palmera beach in Asturias, Spain from AsturPlaya on Vimeo.

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